Celestial Glow from Jouer

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Jouer Celestial Swatch, Jouer Long Wear Creme Mousse Eyeshadow

Makeup trends are always so inspiring, and following them led me to some incredible self-discoveries. For instance, I never would have guessed that matte and semi-matte lipsticks look the best on me until matte lips were on-trend so I bought a couple of them to try. However, there are some trends that I deemed unwearable for my personal style, like all things glitter. Just take a look at Pinterest: it’s filled with beautifully styled photos of glitter beards, roots, lids, nails, lips, outfits, etc… While I do like to wear blingy nails on occasion, glitter anywhere else on my body seems to reveal my age [for those who don’t know, I turn 32 in a couple of weeks], because it emphasizes every imperfection.  View Post