How I Deal with Combination Dehydrated Skin

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Any other “happy” members of the combination dehydrated skin family out there? I swear, this has to be one of the most finicky skin types because it can be all of them at once. And how do you even treat a skin that is dry, oily, acne-prone, and sensitive, often all at the same time? It took me years to figure it out, but I think I finally cracked the code. The secret lies in finding the right products, and it doesn’t just come down to the brand-appointed description. To find a potential winner I look at the ingredients, and they often help me determine with a high degree of accuracy whether the product will work for me or not. I know you all expect me to show my skincare routine today, but treating combination dehydrated skin goes beyond the face. Let’s start with the face first, though… View Post