Let’s Talk About Derma E Sunscreens

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Derma E Sunscreen Review

Trying Three Different Derma E Sunscreens (review)

Are you using SPF yet? I know it’s only April, but in many parts of the country the sun is already active and blasting with scorching rays. I guess it’s redundant to remind you that dermatologists recommend using sunscreen every day regardless of the season, but let’s be real here, it’s easier said than done. Some sunscreen formulas are honestly unpleasant which makes it difficult to use them daily without feeling like it’s some annoying chore. We also don’t have a sunscreen culture here in the West, unlike in Asia for example, where kids are taught to use it from a very young age. Naturally, it means there is a lot more demand for sunscreen innovation which helps drive competition among sunscreen manufacturers. Because of this, sunscreens produced and marketed in Asia are generally seen as superior, from the way they wear and feel on the skin, to the way they look. View Post