Nourished 3D Printed Vitamin Gummies

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Nourished 3D Printed Vitamin Gummies Review

Nourished 3D Printed Vitamin Gummies (review)

Okay, I know that supplement reviews always get a side eye, but guys, hear me out! These 3D printed vitamins from UK-based Nourished are probably the coolest thing I’ve tried this summer. The main shtick is that they can be completely customized to your needs [that’s where they had me, and not even at the 3D part.] I’m actually really looking forward to all the different things we can do via 3D printing these days, like, did you know, some companies are trying to find a way to print organs for transplant? And there are already communities living in fully 3D printed houses that cost less than a car! So really, for vitamins – and probably, in the not-so-distant future, food – it was just a matter of time. View Post