Loving Lately: Boxwalla 2021 Standouts

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Boxwalla October December 2021 Box Review

Loving Lately: Boxwalla 2021 Standouts

Have you heard of Boxwalla? I’ve been eyeing their boxes for several years after seeing them featured by some of my closest friends in the beauty community, and finally had the opportunity to try out a few things. Spoiler alert: I’m blown away.

Boxwalla offers a curated selection of cruelty-free products that deliver a soothing everyday experience, and nourish your body and soul with books, skincare, and – as of January 2022 – makeup. You can tell that a lot of care goes into the selection process, each product is clearly and thoughtfully chosen to represent the company’s core values and the general chill vibe. And just like that, they have me hooked! View Post