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MyChelle Skincare Review: Perfect C PRO Speed Peel, Perfect C Radiance Lotion, and Bio-Firm Hydrogel Concentrate

You guys know I am really into skincare, and there’s one brand on my radar that I’ve wanted to try for ages but never really had the opportunity. Fellow blogger Allison constantly raves about their products, and I tend to trust her opinion a great deal. After all, we have very similar favorites, so whatever she likes, I tend to fall in love with, too! But yes, of course I am talking about MyChelle, a natural skincare company that offers clean beauty products made with ethically sourced, high performance ingredients.

I received three of the brand’s newest products to try: Perfect C™ PRO Speed Peel, Perfect C™ Radiance Lotion, and Bio-Firm™ Hydrogel Concentrate. Released for Fall 2016, this trio targets dehydrated skin and helps reduce the hyperpigmentation that might have accumulated after the summer months. Chemical exfoliation is always more effective when the skin is not exposed to strong UV rays, so doing vitamin C peels during fall and winter months is perfect timing, in my opinion.


The first product that caught my attention was Perfect C™ PRO Speed Peel. It contains 10% L-Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C, which is the same active ingredient as in my beloved OST20 serum. Although it’s half as potent, the formula also contains 1% lactic Acid, Plant C-Stem, and Retinal, so it offers a “broad spectrum” of chemical exfoliants that gently remove dead skin cells and increase cell turnover for brighter, more luminous skin.

When I opened the jar for the first time, I thought the peel looked like fruit puree. Guess what, that’s exactly what’s in it, actually! MyChelle says that this peel contains 25% Citrus Fruit puree, so no wonder it looks and smells so delightfully edible 🙂 I think this is a good starter peel for someone whose skin is not used to strong formulations, and it certainly left my face feeling softer and looking more radiant.

As far as packaging goes, I am just not a fan of the jar, especially for products that contain L-Ascorbic Acid. This form of active Vitamin C is highly unstable and will oxidize rapidly in the presence of light, heat, and oxygen. While an oxidized peel is not the end of the world [I definitely used my OST20 serum after it turned orange], it does increase the risk of irritation, so that’s something to keep in mind. The solution is to either use up the product quickly, or keep it in an airtight, dark container, in a cool dry place away from direct heat and sunlight.

MyChelle Skincare Review: Perfect C PRO Speed Peel, Perfect C Radiance Lotion, and Bio-Firm Hydrogel Concentrate


I pretty much established that an antioxidant-rich product is a must for my AM routine, and a Vitamin C rich moisturizer sounds like the perfect candidate for the task. Perfect C™ Radiance Lotion is a rich velvety cream that contains 12% L-Ascorbic Acid, Plant C-Stem [Mung Bean], as well as brightening Licorice Extract that you often see in Korean sheet masks. Actually, the whole MyChelle experience reminded me of Korean beauty rituals – the products are clean, effective, and affordable. You definitely don’t need to drop $100 on a moisturizer to get great results, that’s for sure.

I like that this cream is packaged in a pump bottle, this helps preserve the efficacy of the ingredients and protect them from oxidizing. Pump dispensers are also very hygienic, so if you are worried about potential contamination from finger dipping, with this type of packaging that won’t be an issue.

I have combination skin and I thought this moisturizer was actually on the heavier side, which is perfect for fall/winter season. I think this would have been too much for my skin to handle during the summer months, but right now it’s just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes products with high concentration of Vitamin C can sting, but I didn’t experience that sensation, which is another bonus.

MyChelle Skincare Review: Perfect C PRO Speed Peel, Perfect C Radiance Lotion, and Bio-Firm Hydrogel Concentrate MyChelle Skincare Review: Perfect C PRO Speed Peel, Perfect C Radiance Lotion, and Bio-Firm Hydrogel Concentrate


It’s very important to keep your newly exfoliated skin hydrated, and nothing hydrates better than good old Hyaluronic Acid. Bio-Firm™ Hydrogel Concentrate is called that for a reason, as the formulation boasts a whopping 2% Hyaluronic Acid. Just so you know, that is a very high percentage of an active ingredient in a topical skincare product. This light blue gel also contains plant antioxidant extracts and potent Alpine Nunatak Plant Stem Cells to protect the skin from free radical damage.

I liked the texture of this serum-gel a lot, it absorbed into the skin almost immediately and left it plump and soft after the first use. Unlike aforementioned Vitamin C products, this effect is temporary and you will need to use the serum daily to get the desired result. In the meantime, make sure to drink enough water to stay hydrated, it’s the best way to ensure that your skin is properly moisturized during the cold season.

As far as I know, natural, antioxidant-rich skincare is best kept in airtight containers to slow down oxidation, which is why jar packaging is probably not ideal here. I am planning to use up this gel as soon as possible though, but if you plan on buying this one for occasional use, make sure to either depot it into a pump or just keep it in the fridge.

MyChelle Skincare Review: Perfect C PRO Speed Peel, Perfect C Radiance Lotion, and Bio-Firm Hydrogel Concentrate MyChelle Skincare Review: Perfect C PRO Speed Peel, Perfect C Radiance Lotion, and Bio-Firm Hydrogel Concentrate


Well, I am happy to say that my first impression of MyChelle skincare has been very positive. These three are the only products I tried from the brand so far, so it’s hard for me to judge the company’s entire lineup based on this experience, but if it’s anything like the trio above, I think we’ve got ourselves a brand that I will keep recommending over and over. I had to think long and hard which one is my favorite, and formula-wise I believe it was a tie. However, I have to choose Perfect C™ Radiance Lotion as the winner mainly because of the packaging. Pump dispensers are by far my favorite type of packaging for skincare in general, whether it’s serums, cleansers, or moisturizers; followed by tubes, dropper bottles, and, lastly, the jars.

All MyChelle products are Vegetarian, Cruelty-free, and Free of Phthalates, Parabens, Sulfates, Ureas, Artificial Fragrances and Colors, Petroleum, GMOs, and Gluten. MyChelle Dermaceuticals is a proud founding member of the EWG VERIFIED: For Your Health™ program. Look for the EWG VERIFIED™ mark to easily identify products that meet EWG’s strict criteria for transparency and health.

Have you tried MyChelle skincare? Do you use products with L-Ascorbic Acid in your beauty routine? Let me know in the comments below!

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