Pink October

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Pink Fragrances for BCA month: Lacoste Love of Pink, Vera Wang Truly Pink, GAP So Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I can’t believe I didn’t do any features on products that benefit the cause. I meant to do a couple features but got too wrapped up in life projects that I ended up scrapping the entire idea. While I believe that awareness is very important, I personally tend to support brands that donate a portion of the proceeds to cancer research instead. During the month of October, is donating 15% of the sales from any items purchased on this page to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This means you still have the rest of the day to shop your favorites at a discount and help contribute to a great cause.

I was sent three fragrances to tell you about [I did not get to choose them, but that’s OK], and there is something for everyone here. I divided them into three generations of women [or men?] who might like these particular notes. Just so you know, I am not saying that any of these scents are too juvenile or too old ladyish. I simply dug into my personal experience and how my fragrance taste developed over the years. I think for the most part we all developed our tastes in a similar pattern, so this is just my subjective opinion based on what I would have enjoyed at different parts of my life.

Pink Fragrances for BCA month: Lacoste Love of Pink, Vera Wang Truly Pink, GAP So Pink


Born between 1961 and 1981? You are likely to enjoy this first fragrance. Lacoste Love of Pink is definitely a very feminine and warm fruity-floral, but it also has an intriguing twist to it. This fragrance is for a fun-loving grown woman that doesn’t take herself too seriously. While this scent is totally a pink citrusy explosion, you can immediately smell bubble gum [!!] in the midst of that bouquet, and the note stays with you until the fragrance fades away. Just so we’re clear, there is no bubble gum listed in the official description and it something my brain totally made up, but if you own this fragrance – smell it and you’ll see what I mean 🙂

  • Top notes: Passionfruit, Amalfi lemon, Blood orange
  • Heart notes: Stephanotis, Magnolia
  • Base notes: Cedar, Vanilla, Musk

Pink Fragrances for BCA month: Lacoste Love of Pink, Vera Wang Truly Pink, GAP So Pink


Those of us who went through teenage years when Beyonce was still part of Destiny’s Child, Britney was a sweet little schoolgirl, and MTV was still a music channel will most likely enjoy this next fragrance. We are still trying to find our passions in life, a good job, some may have graduated college recently, and some are just discovering the wonders of motherhood. Vera Wang Truly Pink is perfect for that quintessential #BossGirl. You know that I love rose-scented everything, but this is a tricky note to do well, and Vera Wang nailed it. Super classy, feminine, but not in-your-face cloying, something about this empowering fragrance makes me feel good about myself, like I’ve got it together. Once sprayed on, it doesn’t create this insufferable fragrance cloud around you. Instead, Truly Pink blends with your skin, creating that my skin but better scent. Is the even a thing? Well, now it is!

  • Top notes: Freesia, Cassia, Lychee
  • Heart notes: Pink rose, Lily-of-the-Valley, Peony
  • Base notes: Woods, Iris

Pink Fragrances for BCA month: Lacoste Love of Pink, Vera Wang Truly Pink, GAP So Pink


While there is no consensus on what years define Gen Z, many publications seem to use this term to refer to the kids born between 1995 and 2014. Yes, the ones who know how to take selfies on your smartphone at the age of 3 and dream on becoming the next YouTube sensation. It’s thanks to them that some colleges now offer courses on Social Media presence and Instagram feed curation. GAP So Pink has that simplistic instagrammable packaging to go with any feed aesthetic, and a simple but fresh citrusy fragrance bouquet that takes you to a happy place. This is not a perfume but more of a body spray, and it doesn’t really have base notes.

  • Top notes: Grapefruit, Sweet pea
  • Heart notes: Lily

Did you shop for pink products during Breast Cancer Awareness month? What is your current favorite fragrance? Leave your comments below!

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