Ricky’s Cult Crushes March 2017 Box Review | Festival Ready

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Ricky's Cult Crushes March 2017 Box Review | Festival Ready

Hello, dolls! Apologies for the absence on Wednesday, I thought I had time to write a blog post, but ended up entertaining three nights in a row, so I had no time for anything else, really. So let’s jump right into it! As you know, I am a fan of Ricky’s NYC stores, and I blogged about them multiple times in the past. Ricky’s is my one-stop shop when I’m in town for pretty much anything beauty or party related, if I need it in a jiffy. They’ve got everything, from organic lipstickĀ and Korean facial mists, to neon wigs and confetti. Last year Ricky’s launched their very own monthly subscription box – Cult Crushes. With festival season around the corner, March 2017 box was appropriately named “Festival Ready”. View Post