This Cliche Millennial Avocado Sandwich is The Best Snack Ever


Easy Millennial Avocado Sandwich Recipe aka The Best Snack Ever - via @glamorable #cleaneating #cleanfood #healthyfood #sandwich #avocado #recipe #healthyrecipes

Millennial Avocado Sandwich Recipe

Word on the street, we millennials are killing everything these days, including the avocado market. True or not, you can’t argue that the prices for fresh avocados have gone up considerably in the recent years. I live in a rural town with population of only 8,000 people, so naturally our grocery prices are a bit lower than in the city. Still, my local Meijer sells avocados for $2.79 a piece, and that’s just criminal! Luckily, our Aldi now carries them sometimes for $0.99 each, so I like to stock up for the week ahead. I would love to get more at once, but unfortunately avocados just don’t keep well. 🙁 View Post