#RealTalk About Period Odor & Thoughts on Summer’s Eve FreshCycle Products

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#ad Real Talk About Period Odor & Thoughts on Summer's Eve FreshCycle Products | @summerseve #SEFreshAF #FreshCycle

Topics about women’s empowerment used to be pretty regular on this blog before my schedule went all haywire. Today I am happy to jump back into it and talk about feminine hygiene. Sadly, it’s one of those things that many women today are still too uncomfortable to discuss even with their ob-gyn, but times are changing. Just look at how much we achieved in only 80 years time! Throughout a short span of just a few decades [short compared to the rest of humankind’s history], more and more women worldwide started taking control of their bodies, career, and the right to choose their own path in life – the seemingly unattainable goals for our great-great-grandmothers back in the day. More and more of us talk about things that used to be taboo for prior generations openly and unapologetically because striving to be comfortable in our own bodies is not something to be embarrassed about. So let’s talk! View Post