My Long Weekend Checklist

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LONG WEEKEND CHECKLIST: 7 things you may not think of while spending time with family & friends during Memorial Day weekend. | #AD #StressTest

For many of us, Memorial Day is the first holiday that we celebrate outdoors after a long winter. Getting together with the family for some BBQ, games, and fun outdoor activities always feels like a nice change of pace. I know you guys might be tempted to embrace the beginning of the sunny part of the year, but this transition comes with its own set of challenges.

As some of you might know, I am originally from Russia where most of the country is still covered in snow this time of the year. That is why I will never take these warm late-spring days for granted. Every time I look outside and see the green grass, blooming flowers, and lush trees, it makes me so happy to live where I do now! I anxiously await for this turn of the seasons, so I can finally take out my favorite sleeveless tops, white jeans, and sundresses from the storage, where they hibernated all winter. But before I throw on a tank top and flip flops, I always make sure to follow a short checklist that I wanted to share with you. View Post