This Candle Smells Nice, You Should Buy It (cozy home with Trapp Luxury Candles)

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Holiday Mood with Trapp Luxury Candles

Getting Into The Holiday Mood with Trapp Luxury Candles

A nice-smelling home is kind of a big deal to me. I have a whole section in my pantry dedicated to high quality candles, wallflowers, potpourri, and other room fragrances. I also love the changing of the seasons: there’s something about the air turning crisp, that first snow, baby chicks learning to fly, and the songs of the cicadas outside – all those little things that celebrate the seasons and another turn of our beautiful planet around the Sun are just so charming!

Holiday Mood with Trapp Luxury Candles

Late fall and winter are traditionally known as the Holiday Season. With festivities back to back, we look forward to gathering for a nice meal with family and friends, and the right scent can really set the mood for a successful get-together. Right now my home is filled with scents of apple pie and pumpkin spice, but once it gets a little cooler I will be switching to wintry fragrances that smell like the fireplace, a wood cabin, and various evergreens.

Holiday Mood with Trapp Luxury Candles Holiday Mood with Trapp Luxury Candles

Fir is one of my favorite winter scents, and I was super stoked to discover White Fir from Trapp Fragrances. The candle came in a beautiful festive box and everything was wrapped so nicely! White Fir has a refreshing aroma of Frasier Fir, Balsam Wood and Cool Ozonic notes, that all together smell like a snow-covered fir forest on a crisp winter morning. These luxury candles are made with a special soy-wax blend and easily fill an entire room with fragrance. The burn time is very impressive, too: one 7oz candle can last approximately 50 hours – that’s, like, a lot!

“This candle smells nice. You should buy it.” – Mr. Glamorable

The quote above was something my husband said verbatim last night at the dinner table. It was funny because I was talking about my new Trapp candle and how it will be perfect for the upcoming holidays. Somehow the topic of me writing this blog post came up and he advocated for brevity, so we had a good laugh about the difference in our review methods. Truth is, he’s kind of right. This candle does smell nice, and you totally should buy one, or better yet, buy five. 😉

Holiday Mood with Trapp Luxury Candles

Why five? Right now Trapp Fragrances is running a special promotion on their seasonal premium candles. When you buy four candles, you get the fifth one free with the code FALLTRAPP; you just need to put all five in your cart and one will be automatically deducted at checkout. Just remember, this offer is valid for the seasonal candles only – White Fir, Orange Clove, Holiday, Golden Cypress, Fireside Pumpkin, Hearth, or Lemon Sugar Cookie. The coupon expires on December 31, 2019 at 11:59pm CST, so you still have time to stock up on seasonal favorites or try something new.

Your turn to share! Are you a home fragrance person? Do you change your home fragrances to match the season or do you use whatever you like whenever you like? Let me know in the comments below!

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