LH Rooftop Restaurant: Chicago Dining with a View


LH Rooftop Restaurant Review: Chicago Dining with a View

Chicago Rooftop Dining with a View

I love visiting Chicago! Even though Mr. Glamorable and I technically live in a rural area in the middle of nowhere, Chi-Town is only a few stops away by Amtrak, or just under 2 hours by car if we feel like driving down there along the scenic coast of Lake Michigan. Over the years we pretty much visited all of the permanent checklist locations there are to see in the city, including all the major museums, city tours, and parks. However, the one thing we haven’t quite conquered yet is the dining scene.

LH Rooftop Restaurant Review: Chicago Dining with a View

Chicago Riverwalk is another place you must visit in Chicago. It’s a beautiful waterside park!

Truth is, we’re not really huge on fancy dining and always look for value first. That doesn’t mean we never go to nice places, but we’d choose dishes that incorporate seasonal produce which would naturally be fresher and probably taste better or try items that the restaurant specializes in. We also usually avoid restaurants that charge more for the “name”, if you know what I mean. With that said, one of the things I had on my bucket list for a while is having a rooftop brunch with a view in Chicago. Problem is, the weather in the city can be quite unpredictable, and you almost need a perfect day to enjoy the experience. Lucky for us, the weather was absolutely dreamy last time we visited Chicago, and we found the perfect place to grab a bite which also offered a spectacular view!

LH Rooftop Restaurant Review: Chicago Dining with a View

Squash blossom flatbread with goat cheese, which was basically the size of a personal pizza. Freakin’ delicious! I think it was $15-ish?

LH Rooftop Restaurant Review: Chicago Dining with a View

Heirloom tomato sandwich over homemade cornbread, which came with a big side salad. It was priced about the same as the flatbread.

Finding a rooftop restaurant with a view downtown Chicago is not exactly difficult – the city boasts many stunning locations. However, LH Rooftop Restaurant is a hidden gem that offers probably the best view of the Chicago River and pleasant dining experience. We were there during lunch hours and couldn’t believe how good the food was! We only ordered a couple of things off the snack menu but the portions were pretty substantial so we left the place feeling fully satisfied with our meals. LH Rooftop menu changes all the time because they use local, seasonal produce of the highest quality harvested at the peak of ripeness. So if you love fresh fruit and veggies, you’ve got to try their vegetarian offerings – the flavors are totally mouthwatering. According to other reviewers, the place also serves awesome drinks, but we didn’t have any since we visited in the middle of the day. I guess this leaves me with another reason to visit LH Rooftop Restaurant in the future. 😉

LH Rooftop Restaurant is located at 85 East Wacker Drive At, N Michigan Ave (312) 357-1200

P.S.: This isn’t an ad, I just wanted to share this place with any of you who might be planning on visiting Chicago soon and looking for dining ideas. We will certainly be back again!