Snakku December 2019 Box Review

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Snakku December 2019 Box Review

Snakku December 2019 Signature Box Review: Discover Hokkaido

I haven’t been doing subscription box reviews lately because I’m pretty much over them, with a couple of exceptions. One of these exceptions is Snakku that delivers a curated selection of Japanese snacks, some of which are only available at small mom-and-pop shops in rural Japan towns. A couple of weeks ago I received an email with Snakku’s Black Friday deals and decided to treat myself to a box since it’s been a while. The theme for Snakku December 2019 box is “Discover Hokkaido”, an island famous for its incredible dairy.

P.S.: There were multiples of some things but I already ate a few by the time I decided to review it, so keep that in mind if you are considering the value of the box based on photos.


Every month Snakku subscribers receive a selection of hand-picked artisan-made snacks from Japan. The boxes come in two sizes – Signature Box and Tasting Box. Signature Box contains an assortment of 20-25 snacks and costs $38.95, it also ships worldwide. Tasting Box contains 5-7 seasonal snacks, costs $16.95 and ships only to the US. Click here to check it out.

Snakku December 2019 Box Review


These specialty snacks were sourced from local shops in Hokkaido and are hard to find outside Japan.

1 // Rokkatei Raisin Butter Sandwich x2 – Rokkatei has been making their luxurious snacks using only the finest local ingredients since 1933. It was the first thing I tried in the box and turned out to be one of the best Japanese snacks I’ve ever had! This cookie sandwich is seriously decadent and I’m so glad Snakku included two in the box. Some people hate raisins, but I love them and this cream filling tasted like sweet cream pastries I had as a kid.

2 // Kinotoya Milk Cookies x2 – These cookies were the second thing I tried because I’m already familiar with them! If you think all milk cookies are the same, you haven’t tried Hokkaido cookies, and these are literally the best of them. They’re made at Sapporo Agricultural College and won the international Monde Selection award 3 years in a row now.

3 // Jaga Butter x2 – These soft mini cakes come wrapped in aluminum foil, just like a baked sweet potato from a street vendor. Soft and fluffy on the outside, they’re filled with traditional white bean paste that’s sweet but not too sweet – a perfect pairing for freshly brewed green tea. I couldn’t get enough of these, wish there were more in the box.

4 // Royce Chocolate Wafers x2 – Royce was founded in Hokkaido in 1983 and has been Japan’s top chocolate maker ever since.

5 // Potecotan x2 – Bite-sized Hokkaido potato puffs flavored with dried Hokkaido onions. These were light and satisfying, and I could easily eat a huge bag of these. Man, I really need some Japanese portion control 😂

Snakku December 2019 Box Review


These Japanese snacks are popular in Japan and abroad, and are much easier to find for sale at Asian markets and online.

6 // HiChew Winter Orange Hokkaido Exclusive – I’m obsessed with HiChew candy, they’re my guilty pleasure! I like these orange ones [which taste more like bittersweet tangerines], but mango is my all-time favorite variety.

7 // Black Thunder Hokkaido Limited Edition – These are Japan’s version of cookies and cream bars, and I honestly like them a lot more than our Western ones. I feel like the flavor is more balanced, and the bar has a nice crunch to it too. If you like Oreos and want to try something more exotic but similar, definitely give these a go – I found them on Amazon [linked in the widget below].

8 // Glico Wagokoro Pretz Butter Corn Hokkaido Exclusive – These pretzel sticks are crunchy and delicious, and definitely taste exotic. I mean, have you tried corn-flavored pretzels? Me neither!

9 // Kakitane Yuzu Kosho – Mini rice crackers shaped like persimmon seeds that are topped with yuzu pepper seasoning. I don’t think I’ve ever had citrus-flavored crackers before, but these go really well with light beer.

10 // Sanko Yuki No Yado – These rice crackers – that totally look like the snow-covered pastures of Hokkaido by the way – have a mild flavor that is both sweet and salty. I tried similar ones before and I like them all the same. They make a perfect snack for when I just want to nibble on something light before dinner without ruining my appetite.

Snakku December 2019 Box Review


This box is perfect for someone who loves Japanese culture and snacks! Although it’s not exactly a steal for the money, many of these snacks are not available outside of Japan, and that’s precisely why it’s worth the cost to me personally. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan but haven’t had the opportunity, so tasting local snack offerings makes me imagine my dream trip. Who knows, maybe it’ll actually happen someday!

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Have you tried Japanese snacks before? Do you buy international snacks or prefer the ones made locally?

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