Limited Edition Paul & Joe Hand Creams for Winter 2019

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Limited Edition Paul & Joe Hand Cream & Hand Mirror Review

Limited Edition Paul & Joe Hand Creams for Winter 2019

I know I talked about Paul & Joe Beaute very recently, but I couldn’t wait to also show you some of the current Limited Edition goodies that were released for the holiday season this year. We’re talking about two new Paul & Joe Moisturizing Hand Cream ($16) tins and a cute floral cat hand mirror that adds a fun touch to any beauty vanity.

The hand creams come in two scents:

  • Moisturizing Hand Cream II features a muted floral design with pink and white roses and has a musky floral fragrance.
  • Moisturizing Hand Cream III has a light, flowery-herbal fragrance and comes in a quirky pink tin with pop art animal frames.

Aside from the scents, the overall formula for the hand creams is the same, so it just comes down to personal preference on the fragrance and the packaging design. The hand creams are lightly moisturizing and will work best for a warmer climate or if your hands are not too dry, to begin with. The texture feels more like a facial moisturizer, it absorbs quickly and leaves a light powdery finish.

Limited Edition Paul & Joe Hand Cream & Hand Mirror Review Limited Edition Paul & Joe Hand Cream & Hand Mirror Review

To be completely honest, I’m not wild about the fact that these hand creams come in tins. I much prefer using pump containers or squeeze tubes, as I find them more hygienic and generally more convenient. However, there’s something whimsical about the whole hand mirror and tin cream duo. It reminds me of those feminine vanities of the ’50s and ’60s where every detail was polished and dainty, and the products were set on display not just because of their purpose but the aesthetics as well.

By the way, Paul & Joe makes hand creams in squeeze tubes too, if you want to try one but don’t like the idea of using a tin, I tried this one before and really liked it.

Limited Edition Paul & Joe Hand Cream & Hand Mirror Review

How cute is this limited edition Hand Mirror 001 ($17)? Luna is totally having fun catching her own reflection in it – so cute! As everything by Paul & Joe, the mirror is well-made you can tell it’s a high-quality product. Every seam is impeccable, there are no rugged or rough edges anywhere, and all printed designs are always perfectly lined up. I definitely appreciate the quality and the thought that goes into every detail.

These would make a wonderful little gift to any cat lover in your life, or anyone who loves Japanese culture and beauty trends. Did I mention that Paul & Joe makeup – despite being a French beauty brand – is wildly popular in Japan? Well, now you know!

Paul & Joe Winter 2019 Collection is available at Beauty Habit and on Amazon.

Have you tried Paul & Joe beauty products? What do you think about these whimsical designs with kitties and roses? Let me know in the comments below!

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