My First Wantable Fitness Edit

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My First Wantable Fitness Edit Review | February 2017

I don’t know if you remember, but I used to feature Wantable boxes pretty often on this blog in the past. Since the day the company launched with their themed makeup bundles back in 2012 and until they expanded into accessories, intimates, and style, I’ve been buying them on and off when I saw a good offer. A few weeks ago I received an email with the promo code to waive a styling fee for their latest Wantable Fitness Edit box, I figured I’ll take them up on the offer! Considering that my first Wantable Style Edit was kind of a flop [I am partially responsible for that], I didn’t want to pay the non-refundable styling fee if I wasn’t sure I’d like the products. My worries were all for nothing though, as I did end up keeping something this time. View Post