A Candle for Everyone on Your List! (including yourself)

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Best Holiday Candles to give as Gifts - viz @glamorable #candles #giftideas #hostessgifts #christmas #giftguide

Best Holiday Candles to Give as a Gift (or Keep for Yourself)

Of course not everyone loves candles, but most people I know, do. That’s why a nice candle makes a wonderful and festive hostess gift for the holidays. In the past few months I discovered some really great candles, so I figured I would share a few of my favorites in this quick roundup. Several of these make the room smell amazing even when they’re not lit!

Best Holiday Candles to give as Gifts - viz @glamorable #candles #giftideas #hostessgifts #christmas #giftguide

Molton Brown candles are among my long-time favorites!

Molton Brown Russian Leather Single Wick Candle ($49) – To me this candle smells like a wood cabin on a lake in the middle of nowhere on a winter night. The fragrance includes notes of elemi oil, black tea,purple basil, Siberian pine, tobacco, birch, vetiver, leather, and cade. Give it to someone who loves evergreens.

Molton Brown Oud Accord & Gold Single Wick Candle ($49) – I previously reviewed the collection here, but in case you didn’t read that blog post, here’s a refresher. Oudh is one of the rarest raw materials in perfumery, and is valued higher than gold per ounce, that’s why it has a name ‘liquid gold’. The candle features notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, elemi oil, myrrh, black tea, vetiver, honey, tobacco, and oudh. This warm and sophisticated bouquet would make the perfect accent for a more formal cocktail party, or gifted to someone who has a heart of gold. 🙂

Best Holiday Candles to give as Gifts - viz @glamorable #candles #giftideas #hostessgifts #christmas #giftguide

Harlow Fall Forever Soy Candle ($30) – This small batch soy candle is handcrafted in Vancouver with ethically and sustainably sourced natural materials, and features notes of orange peel, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla. Unique wooden wick adds rustic charm to an otherwise clean aesthetic of the candle. Give it to the cool millennial!

Origins Neroli & Lemongrass Feel Good Candle ($34) – Big, bold, and beautiful, this candle won’t go unnoticed. The These limited edition soy candles inspired by seasonal festivities were released just for the holidays, so pick them up while they’re available, or they’ll be gone before you know it. The recycled glass vessel can be easily washed and reused as a little vase or a cup for your favorite stationery. Plus, for each candle sold, Origins will plant a tree via ReLeaf program. Give it to a friend who drives an electric car! [or anyone who supports the green living movement]

Elemis Joyful Glow Candle ($33) – Love it when a skincare company releases candles, they almost always smell incredible. To me, this vanilla, orange, and cinnamon candle smells exactly like the holidays – warm, sweet, and a little spicy. I love the vessel design as well: when the candle is lit, you can see the flame flickering through the glass sides. It’s just so beautiful to look at! Give it to someone you hope to spend the next year with.

Best Holiday Candles to give as Gifts - viz @glamorable #candles #giftideas #hostessgifts #christmas #giftguide

Best Holiday Candles to give as Gifts - viz @glamorable #candles #giftideas #hostessgifts #christmas #giftguide

NEST Sugar Cookie Candle ($16) – NEST makes some of the best candle scents, and I am currently obsessed with Sugar Cookie. It smells so real, you guys. The notes include vanilla, bourbon, caramel, sugarcane crystals, and amber. Give it to your favorite sweet tooth!

Capitol Hill Candle Company Vanilla Pine Soy Candle ($19.99) – I originally got this as a bonus in one of my PR mailers, but I can’t stop smelling it. Who knew vanilla and pine could work so well together? Give it to a friend who likes to experiment.

Soap & Paper Factory Roland Pine 3 Votive Set ($24) – Perfect for the table centerpieces, these little candles are surprisingly fragrant. They feature notes of Siberian fir, cilantro, and citrus, to complement any holiday feast. Give them to the hostess with the mostest!

Best Holiday Candles to give as Gifts - viz @glamorable #candles #giftideas #hostessgifts #christmas #giftguide

How cool do these crystals look? They are the priciest item on my list, but you can easily break them apart into smaller gifts.

I also have something very unique for people who don’t like to burn candles, for one reason or another – Bastide Ambre d’Or Potpourri Crystals ($80). Potpourri mixes, reed diffusers, wallflowers, wax melts are all popular choices, but I bet your giftee never tried scented crystals! Made of the sap of acacia tree, the crystals look like large pieces of amber, and they smell absolutely divine. You could put them in a bowl and place in rooms that are not constantly supervised [because you never want to leave burning candles unattended] to surprise anyone that comes across them, searching for the source of the fragrance. The notes include patchouli, sandalwood, labdanum, and sweet musk. The box is fairly large, so you can put a few crystals into sachets to make smaller gifts. [party favors maybe?]

Do you like burning candles in the winter? What is your favorite candle scent? Do you like receiving scented candles as gifts? Let me know in the comments below!

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