The Plant Club July 2020 Unboxing & Review

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The Plant Club July 2020 Unboxing & Review - Pothos Neon - Epipremnum aureum - devil's ivy - care instructions, pet safe, how much water

The Plant Club July 2020 – Pothos Neon

I always loved the look of houseplants but I know virtually nothing about them. In typical quarantine fashion, I decided to give it a go and subscribed to The Plant Club, a monthly houseplant delivery service that takes the guesswork out of shopping for plants. Monthly featured plant is always a mystery, but I was open to surprises and would have been happy with anything, really. In July 2020 our plant of the month turned out to be Pothos ‘Neon’ or Epipremnum aureum, a pretty vine with bright, neon green leaves. What a beauty! View Post