Molton Brown Milk Musk Collection

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Molton Brown Milk Musk Collection Review

Molton Brown Milk Musk Collection Review

The new Molton Brown Milk Musk Collection was pretty unusual for a summer launch. Inspired by all things warm and cozy, this fragrance envelops you like a soft blankie and eases you in a more relaxed state of mind. When I received these products, they didn’t vibe with the 90-degree weather at all, so I set them aside for a few weeks. Now that we’re in early September, they create just the right ambiance.

Milk Musk collection includes the following pieces:

  • Eau de Parfum 3.3fl oz
  • Eau de Toilette 3.3fl oz
  • Bath & Shower Gel 10fl oz
  • Body Lotion 10fl oz
  • Single Wick Candle 180g
  • Assorted gift sets x4

Molton Brown Milk Musk Collection Review

Molton Brown Milk Musk Eau de Parfum – $160

Molton Brown Milk Musk Eau de Parfum ($160) is the star of the show and the cornerstone of the entire collection. The fragrance opens up with a woody & resinous elemi that melts into the warm heart of musk, vanilla, and ambroxan, and settles onto a subtle and comforting base of tonka bean and benzoin. Hints of milk persist throughout the entire scent transformation, from top notes to base notes. Milk Musk EDP comes in a collectible and refillable glass bottle [you can refill yours at any Molton Brown store] adorned with a one-of-a-kind spherical resin cap – no two caps are the same!

  • Top notes: elemi
  • Middle notes: musk, ambroxan, vanilla
  • Base notes: benzoin and tonka bean

If you’re wondering if others will be able to smell it on you – the answer is “yes”. Unlike fragrances that stay close to the skin, Milk Musk EDP is moderately strong and will create a cocoon around you. Because of that, I don’t think it’s the most work-friendly scent, but it’ll definitely garner compliments and get you noticed if you wear it to go out.

Molton Brown Milk Musk Collection Review

Molton Brown Milk Musk Bath & Shower Gel & Body Lotion – $32 each

Molton Brown Milk Musk Bath & Shower Gel ($32) is perhaps the friendliest way to experience the Milk Musk and to ensure that it stays within your personal space. Like most Molton Brown body washes, this one is designed to gently purify the skin and leave it scented with a light veil of fragrance that will linger for hours. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Molton Brown does body wash like no other – it’s quite an ethereal experience. If you’re yet to try this brand, I recommend picking up one of the festive mini-baubles or splurging a mini set around the holidays so you can experience several different scents. I am forever spoiled by these body washes and use them as the bar to grade other brands.

Instead of elemi, Milk Musk Bath & Shower Gel delights the senses with sweet notes of pear and peach, and cedarwood instead of benzoin. Other notes are identical to the EDP.

Molton Brown Milk Musk Body Lotion ($32) is often used in tandem with the body wash because they tend to complement each other. If the body wash is designed to leave a faint fragrant veil, the body lotion helps enhance that fragrance and make it last longer while simultaneously moisturizing the skin. Molton Brown lotions are not the most moisturizing out there and probably wouldn’t cut it for someone with particularly dry and flaky skin. However, they’re basically perfume in a pump bottle, and would never be my first choice if I needed to soften a rough spot or something. The nice thing is, they’re so lightweight that they feel quite nice even in hot and humid weather, so there’s that.

Molton Brown Milk Musk Collection Review

Molton Brown Milk Musk Single Wick Candle – $50

Molton Brown Milk Musk Single Wick Candle ($50) is a bit of a splurge for something that is designed to burn down. If you’re dropping $50 on a candle, you’ll probably be looking at other fancy candle brands, like diptyque, Byredo, Lafco, or Nest. But don’t discount Molton Brown candles just yet. I tried a handful of them over the years and was pleasantly surprised that they could hold their own against my diptyque favorites, and if you ever smelled a diptyque candle, you know those are friggin’ fragrant with a capital F.

Milk Musk candle comes in a smooth white vessel adorned with real 22K gold threads. Once the candle is empty [burn time – 50+ hours], the vessel can be easily cleaned and reused as a vase, a little storage cup for your toiletries or stationery, or even a tiny pot for succulents. It really is a beautiful piece.

Molton Brown Milk Musk Collection is available at, at Look Fantastic, and on Amazon in their Premium Beauty section.

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