The Perfect Nude Nail Polish

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Hi, girls! I didn’t feel like writing a long review, so this post is going to be short and sweet. A few days ago I found a folder full of unpublished photos from a couple months back and thought it would be nice to use them for a few upcoming stories. Today I want to introduce you to one of my faves!

The best nude nail polish: ORLY Sheer Nude swatch & review. Read more at >> | via @glamorable

When you are fair-skinned it can be hard to find a “true nude” nail polish, because every color tends to stand out more. I’ve been searching for The One for a while until I received a mini bottle of ORLY Sheer Nude in one of my subscription boxes [might have been Glossybox]. Ladies, this is it! Milky ivory pigment goes on like butter, providing medium coverage and allowing my natural nails to peek through, while giving them elegant and groomed appearance. View Post