SquareHue November 2015: The Decades – 2000

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The millennium is the decade I am most familiar with, after all that’s when I spent my teen/early adult years so I was fully aware of things like local and international trends, pop culture from around the world, and what my friends think is cool. Because when you’re a teen, that stuff matters [or at least it did to me, because I was your average textbook teenager]. So what did SquareHue prepare to commemorate the decade most of their subscribers remember all too well? Three silver polishes, that’s what!

SquareHue November 2015 Review || Nail Polish from the 2000s. Read more at >> www.glamorable.com | via @glamorable

HOW IT WORKS: For $14.99/month + Shipping & Handling, SquareHue subscribers receive a limited edition collection of 3 carefully curated season-appropriate nail polish colors. Alternatively, the company recently launched a 2-polish box variation that costs $10.99/month + Shipping & Handling. Each month has a distinct personality to suit a variety of dress needs. Quick drying “5-Free” Clean formula does not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Camphor or Formaldehyde Resin. Click here to subscribe. View Post