Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Nail Art for 4th of July

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Does your family get together forĀ 4th of July? Mine does, and for the most part we express ourselves with red, white, and blue clothing, and some family members like to wear patriotic pins. As a beauty blogger, I always feel like it’s my duty to be extra artsy, and show this Holiday some love in other ways – through creative makeup of nails.

Find out how to create easy red, white and blue nail art for 4th of July using The Collection Nails by KISS and imPRESS Accent Press-On Manicure! >> | via @glamorableThis year I have quite a few options! First of all, fun patriotic nail art couldn’t get any easier than with some press-on manicure, that already has beautiful stars and stripes design printed on it. I tried both The Collection Nails by KISS andĀ imPRESS Accent Press-On Manicure to see how they compare, since press-on nails can be very different in fit, length, and overall feel. View Post