Weekly Favorites #15

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Did you know that in Russia where I’m from Spring officially starts on March 1st, as in, today? Even though it will take a while for the air and the ground to warm up, there is something oddly comforting about knowing that sunny days are just around the corner. In this Weekly Favorites post I am featuring products that make me dream of Spring.

Favorite beauty products, Milani, LUSH, SquareHue, demeterSquareHue nail lacquer in “War Crinoline” from their February mini-collection, inspired by 1910s. It’s that muddy green hue, when tiny stems of grass start peeking through the dirt; I see this color a lot in late March – early April when looking out the window.

When I look at LUSH Aqua Marina Cleanser from afar, it reminds me of cherry blossoms with their soft pastel pink petals framed by baby leaves that are just starting to open. Sometimes I use this cleanser as a clay mask by applying a thicker layer and leaving it on for 10-15 minutes. It works for the body, too!

demeter’s Jasmine is more than just jasmine. This sunny floral fragrance roll-on oil contains pure soap [that’s a scent!], Spanish Jasmine from Catalonia, and lilacs, so it’s like an ultra-powerful flower bomb with a slight powdery finish. It’s very potent so I only use a small dab on my wrists, but that’s more than enough.

Tulips, anyone? I recently bought a whole bunch of Milani lipsticks when they had a Holiday sale, and this your-lips-but-better shade called “25 Naturally Chic” is my most worn among all of them. I am very impressed with Milani lipstick formula, it feels high end and wears extremely well on the lips.

What beauty products are you loving this week? Share your faves in the comments below!


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