More Nubian Heritage Goodness for Pampering Your Skin This Winter

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Last week I told you about Nubian Heritage Hand Cream I’ve been loving lately, and today I thought I’d bring up one of their best-selling products – jars of pure organic Shea Butter infused with natural oils and oil blends. They come in many different scents, and I got to try two of them: Lemongrass & Tea Tree and Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver.

Nubian Heritage Shea Butter Review >> | via @glamorable

I have to say, I’m a big fan of products that contain shea butter – hand creams, facial moisturizers, soaps, body lotions – and whenever I see it listed high on the ingredient list, it makes me much more likely to buy. These Shea Butter jars are comprised of raw shea butter that was infused with a blend of essential oils to give them skin caring properties for different skin types and concerns.

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