Ellovi Body Butter Review

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My skin is weird. It’s normally what you would consider a combination type, with occasional clogged pores and breakouts out of nowhere, but as soon as the weather starts to change, so does my skin. I really don’t have any problems with dry feet or elbows or any other areas, but I swear, as soon as it gets cool enough that I have to wear socks, that’s where my problems begin. And you know what? I am seeing the beginning of the cycle right now, while looking at my feet which are starting to show signs of dry patches despite my hardest efforts to moisturize and exfoliate them regularly. When I accepted an opportunity to review Butter, I did not expect it to become my HG [Holy Grail] body moisturizer, but here I am sitting in my chair typing this while “buttering” up my feetsies.

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