MOR Lip Macaron Mini-Haul and Review

I’m sure I buzzed your ears off about Coterie already, but this is yet another sick deal I got from them during the Black Friday promotion. I was kind of lazy to write about it but there aren’t that many reviews online about these lip macarons so I felt like I should write one.

I originally wanted to try them after seeing people receive them in their Popsugar boxes last month. The reviews are a bit mixed and I wanted to see for myself if I would like them or not. Luckily, Coterie decided to include five flavors of lip macarons in their Black Friday sale list and I grabbed them for $5/each (orig. $10). After applying my store credits I only had to pay for shipping, which made the cost of those macarons roughly $1.50/each.
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I bought them in four different flavors:

My initial plan was to keep one for myself and use the rest as stocking stuffers, but my mother-in-law tried the peach one and loved it so I gave it to her (that’s why it’s not in these pictures).


  • I’m currently using Cassis Noir and although I have no idea what that stands for I find the scent very pleasant. 
  • These tins look absolutely fabulous, I feel kind of proud getting one out of my bag in public because it’s so head-turning. 
  • Another good thing I can say is that it provides instant relief to hopelessly chapped lips, but so do most products with the same main ingredient.


  • The main problem I have with these adorable tins is the fact that they’re made with mineral oil/petroleum jelly. This could be a big turn off for those of us who prefer to avoid oil byproducts in our cosmetics. 
  • I also think that the price tag is completely unjustified, you can literally get a $1 Vaseline lip balm and it would have the same effect minus the cute tin.
  • And the last thing I didn’t like was the fact that it wouldn’t stay on the lips for long, so I had to keep reapplying every hour or so.

The verdict: If I had a choice to buy them again I probably wouldn’t, but as always individual experiences may vary and I’m sure there is someone out there who disagrees with all of these cons.

You can buy MOR Lip Macarons at many major online retailers. Here are some of them:

Disclosure: I bought this.