Sample Saturday: Lather

This week I’m sampling Lather products. I requested samples by emailing their customer service directly, and was told that they’d send a sample pack with a catalog of all their products. Lather started out as a soap-making company and now they include a full range of natural skincare.
Avocado Mint Hair Repair
I suspect the sample size just wasn’t big enough for my long hair because I didn’t feel like I got any extra moisturizing treatment from it than I would normally get from a hair conditioner. The minty scent was pretty pleasant though and my scalp felt a bit tingly.

Cucumber Milk Facial Cleanser 
This milky cleansing emulsion didn’t foam at all and left a thin layer of moisturizing lotion on the skin after I washed it off with warm water. It felt very comfortable and smelled exactly like cucumbers and milk. This wouldn’t be an everyday cleanser for me that’s for sure, but I could use something like this on the days when my skin is throwing a fit [like it did today].

Sofian Lavender Whipped Body Creme 
The lavender smell in this whipped body lotion is very very mild and disappears soon after you apply it to the skin. I’m not a lavender fan so I thought it was a good thing. I liked this lotion because it seemed to absorb really quickly, leaving my skin feeling like velvet.

White Clay Deep Pore Cleansing Mask
This clay mask was pretty gentle and didn’t dry out on my face completely, which made the experience quite comfortable. You know when sometimes if you forget to take off the clay mask in time it slightly cuts into your face and that doesn’t feel good at all. Well, this one doesn’t do that.