Everyday Minerals Mini-Haul and Review

It’s official: my skin really hates Bare Minerals, but I still want to use mineral makeup so I decided to try Everyday Minerals.

I initially only wanted to buy the 7-piece sample pack but after browsing the site for half an hour I found a few things I was interested in. I ended up buying that sample pack, two brushes and two eye shadows all for just $20.00!

Here’s how I did it:

  • At first I made my customized sample kit by selecting products on this page.
  • Then I added two brushes and two eye shadows from this page to cart and received a 35% discount.
  • The shipping was free!
Now back the actual review. They shipped my package very quickly and I had it in my hands in just a few days. I guess my blush sample spilled somehow because everything in my box was covered in pink powder, but it didn’t stain the brushes.
Out of my seven samples I’ve only tried the finishing dust, the base powder and the blush but all three worked really well and provided literally invisible but very good coverage. And my skin didn’t throw a fit, so that’s a winner in my book!
I liked the brushes too, the big Flat Top brush didn’t smudge the concealer like it always happens to me because I’m a total klutz when it comes to blending. So I hereby declare my new brushes goof-proof! 🙂 The bristles are also nice and soft and the bamboo handles are very comfortable for holding.
The eye shadows were hard to get out of the jars, I had to shake them quite a few times for anything to come out but I’m sure that’s because they’re so full right now. It should get easier after I’ve used them a few times. The colors looked great on me too and did a nice job complementing my eye color. I got them in Lilac Show Parade (lilac gray) and A Wise Girl Kisses (creamy light gray).
The verdict: My first impressions are 100% positive, I totally overlooked the spilled blush because I was impressed with the high quality of everything else. Would I recommend Everyday Minerals to a friend? Absolutely yes!
Disclosure: I bought this.