Holiday Gift Guide: Vitamins & Supplements

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While ideally I would make all of the healthy life changes right now, New Year is a great time to start taking better care of your body. Today I wanted to share this unusual gift guide and feature some of my favorite supplements that I tried over the past 12 months.

Disclaimer: Always consult with your physician before taking any new dietary supplements.

Holiday Gift Guide to the Best Vitamins and Supplements. Read more at >> | via @glamorable

FOR THINNING HAIR: I’ve used Viviscal Hair Growth Program earlier this year to improve the overall quality of my hair, so today about half of my current length is thanks to Viviscal. It took a month to see drastic improvements, and three months to feel like my roots have thickened by a lot. This here is a new box that I got for my Mom because she’s struggling with thinning hair, and I hope it helps her like it helped me.

At Viviscal, they understand hair. Statistics show that a whole range of factors, including stress, hormonal changes, overstyling, poor nutrition, age, menopause, post-pregnancy, and medication can impact on the health of the hair and hair growth with one in two women experiencing the distress this can cause at some stage in their lives. Viviscal Extra Strength dietary supplements are scientifically formulated with the exclusive marine complex AminoMar which helps to nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth from within.

WHERE TO BUY: $49.99 USD for 60ct. Available at Ulta.

Holiday Gift Guide to the Best Vitamins and Supplements. Read more at >> | via @glamorable

FOR STRESSFUL DAYS: Wojo Nutrition supplements appeared on my radar very recently, but after trying their Energy, Calm, and Focus water soluble drops I know I stumbled upon a gold mine. I took a glass of water with Focus in the morning, and achieved more by the end of the day than I had on my bucket list [usually I procrastinate and end up leaving a few things “for tomorrow”]. Let’s just say, if you’re a blogger and you manage to take pictures for and write five blog posts in a few hours, those brain juices must be flowing pretty hard! This weekend I was a bit upset over something trivial, and my mind just didn’t want to let it go. Just before leaving the house I took a glass of water with Calm, and was able to enjoy the evening with the person who caused me to be upset without any bad thoughts in my head. In case you’re wondering, these supplements have no unpleasant taste or aftertaste, it’s like you’re drinking slightly tinted water. Alternatively, you can add Wojo supplements to any drink, including hot tea, coffee, juice, smoothies, and even soda, but we’re trying to be healthy here, right? So let’s just not do that last one 😉

Add wojo to any drink, and boost your day naturally. Dragging yourself from errand to errand? Unable to unwind from the bustle of your busy schedule? Lacking the time to make your lifestyle healthier? From rainy day blues to work distractions, wojo works for you, even as your needs change from day to day.

WHERE TO BUY: $19.99 USD for 15ct variety pack. Available at Wojo Nutrition.

P.S.: $2 from every gift box sold on through December 31, 2015 will be donated to the National CASA (R) Association, which has been advocating for abused and neglected children since 1977.

Holiday Gift Guide to the Best Vitamins and Supplements. Read more at >> | via @glamorable

FOR THOSE ON A DIET: Dieting is hard, I know that firsthand, so whenever I want to lose a couple pounds I resort to help of appetite suppressing supplements. There’s nothing wrong with snacking as long as it’s something like an apple or a banana, but usually I end up munching down an entire candy bar, a bag of trail mix, or a leftover slice of cake which amounts to half a day’s worth of allowed calories. Until I can muster my cravings, HUM Nutrition’s Skinny Bird is my friend! I first discovered the brand earlier this year, and quickly became a fan of their supplements. If you’re interested in Skinny Bird, I definitely recommend splurging on Red Hot Holidays Gift Set. It includes a full-sized bottle of Skinny Bird, and a full-sized bottle of Runway Ready, which is the supplement that got me hooked on HUM in the first place.

Red Hot Holidays Set is formulated to help you achieve a fabulous body, glamorous hair, and glowing skin. The vegetarian Red Carpet™ formula includes the perfect balance of GLA, ALA, and vitamin E—only found in nature and at HUM®. Made from bio-available nutrients from black currant and sunflower seeds, the healthy essential fats support fuller, shinier hair and glowing skin. It works strongly to deliver the skin’s glow through increased skin moisture and protection, while promoting fuller, shinier hair through hair follicle support. Skinny Bird™ uniquely combines four targeted solutions for successful weight loss with it’s unique ‘SMAC’ formula: 5-HTP reduces stress eating, green tea extract boosts metabolism, caralluma fimbriata curbs appetite, and chromium controls blood sugar.

WHERE TO BUY: $50 USD for the set. Available at Sephora.

P.S.: If you want to try 3 or more HUM supplements, check out this blog post for tips on how to majorly save on your purchase.

Holiday Gift Guide to the Best Vitamins and Supplements. Read more at >> | via @glamorable

FOR DIGESTIVE HEALTH: I know it’s another HUM duo, but I had to share, because these are the supplements I take every single day and will keep repurchasing. Right after I wake up, I take one Gut Instinct and two Daily Cleanse capsules, and I feel like my body can digest pretty much anything. The last time I had heartburn was before I started taking these, so it must’ve been about half a year? I have a recurring subscription for both at 🙂

Daily Cleanse – This herb-nutrient blend includes algae, which studies link to detoxing the liver, and kelp, recognized for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Gut Instinct – Studies suggest that combination probiotics of the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium family can ease digestion, suppress “bad” bacteria, and support the immune system.


Holiday Gift Guide to the Best Vitamins and Supplements. Read more at >> | via @glamorable

FOR FITNESS GOALS: I’ve already written about the wonders of Beauty Bursts here, but I found two Neocell products that I like even more. Collagen Sport Ultimate Recovery Complex played an instrumental role in my weight loss program last year, when I managed to drop 12 lbs and two dress sizes. It’s designed to provide energy and essential nutrients, while helping the muscles and joints recover from the workout. I used a scoop of this in my workout shake every single time, and it worked perfectly to keep me perked up throughout the routine. Alternatively, on my rest days I would dissolve a scoop of Cranberry Cocktail Beauty Infusion in a glass of water and drink it in the morning to keep my skin plump, hair shiny, and joints healthy. What can I say, I love my collagen supplements, and nobody does collagen like Neocell!

NeoCell has been developing and manufacturing natural anti-aging formulas for over twenty years. It is one of the leading collagen brands in the world, with products that are designed to promote health, beauty, and total body wellness. All ingredients are natural, food-grade, and combined in a facility that exceeds all good manufacturing practice standards.


  • Collagen Sport Ultimate Recovery Complex Whey Isolate – $29.95 USD for 23.8 oz. Available at
  • Beauty Infusion Refreshing Collagen Drink Mix – $34.95 USD for 15.87 oz. Available at


Do you plan to gift any supplements this year? Do you take any supplements yourself? have you tried anything from the brands I mentioned here? Let me know in the comments below!

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