Julep Mystery Box Unboxing and Review: Destination – Laguna Beach

Here’s my slightly belated review of Laguna Beach Mystery Box. I somewhat regret buying it, because right after I received it, Julep announced their huge warehouse sale, and I would have been able to pick up these same polishes for a lot less money. But, whatever, what’s done is done.

The products I ended up getting:

I’m rarely impressed with solid hand and cuticle salves, but this stick is actually great. It smells wonderful, and instantly softens any rough skin around the nails. As for the lip balm, I have a lot of them already, but it’ll definitely get used eventually.

Both Nikki and Natalie had very goopy, streaky formulas, and I didn’t like that part at all. But the colors are bright and cheerful, which is perfect for summer. I have an overload of neutrals, so it was refreshing to receive something out of the ordinary for a change. Nikki is described as electric highlighter neon yellow , and Natalie is a chic retro honeysuckle pink.

On the contrary, Simone was very runny and still streaky, but at least it didn’t bubble up. The color is alright, but I already have a couple very similar ones in my collection. Simone is described as a soft pastel lilac opalescent shimmer.

Product Retail value
Julep Natalie $14.00
Julep Nikki $14.00
Julep Simone $14.00
Hand and Cuticle Stick $22.00
Strawberry-Mint Lip Balm $6.00
Box Retail Value $70.00