What Makeup Does Your Mom Use?

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UPDATE 2/28: Ladies, three years ago my Mom survived a stroke, which negatively impacted one side of her face. Reading all your nice comments really cheered her up, and she wants to say a big Thank You to you all for being so sweet!

Since most of you seemed to appreciate my recent attempts to share bits and pieces about my life, I decided to implement another weekly feature that you might have already seen on many blogs – Talk to Me Tuesday. In these posts I’m going to talk about random subjects, not necessarily beauty-related, and I would like to know you better too. My first topic involves makeup, but with a twist!

Just like for most girls, the only source of makeup during my childhood was my mom’s arsenal. Seeing her get all dolled up at her vanity table was always a mesmerizing experience, and made me want to paint myself all over with pretty colors, too. I’m trying really hard to remember what products she used back when I was no taller than her vanity chair, but can only think of three: Elizabeth Arden lipstick, Mary Kay lipstick and some kind of mascara palette with a separate brush [I didn’t even think these were made anymore, but looks like they are].

Left – Elizabeth Arden Mad Men Collection Lipstick; right – Kryolan Cake Mascara

Whenever makeup is brought up in any conversation, my parents love sharing all sorts of cute-embarrassing stories about me, especially how I ruined at least a dozen of Mom’s Pupa palettes. I’m not sure if Pupa is available in the US, but it’s an Italian cosmetic brand, really popular in Europe, which is mostly famous for adorable design of their makeup palettes. Back then my mom was pretty much the same age as I am right now, and it’s kind of a fun thought that she used to like the same things I do now. It appears that both of us are weak to pretty packaging!

Warning – dangerously cute palettes!

Now that Mom is in her mid-50s she’s using a healthy mix of high-end, mid-range and drugstore products, which is ironically what I do as well. Funny thing, the only beauty-related topic we talk about is nail polish and skincare, so her makeup choices are totally her own and not influenced by me in any way. To think that we could be so similar in our choices without ever talking about them is yet another little proof of that invisible mother-daughter bond that makes us feel like good friends. From the top of my head, I believe these are currently her favorite makeup products:

  • YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara in Rich Black [$30 USD] – she loves the effect, but says it dries out too fast.
  • L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara in Blackest Black [$7.99 USD] – Her new favorite drugstore mascara. While she still prefers her YSL, this became a worthy substitute.
  • L’Occitane Face Color Powder Beige Bracart – this eye shadow duo is almost impossible to find, because it was part of Limited Edition collection in uhh… 2010 or something? We stocked up on these, so she is still using them four years later.
  • Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher in Rose d’or [£7.99] – I remember using Bourjois makeup in high school, and now almost 15 years later, these rose-scented compact baked blushes are still as amazing as they were back then. Mom is also a huge fan, and she wears this one every day.
  • Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour in #53 Amant [$35 USD] – A fabulous lippie and looks fantastic on Mom, I’m kinda jealous actually! I’m too cheap to spend $35 on a single lipstick, but maybe when I’m older this is all I will wear.
  • L’Oreal True Match Powder [$8.99 USD] – Not sure what shade of this powder she uses, but she found her perfect color match and will probably keep buying it. I have a couple of these in my stash too, but they aren’t my favorites.
  • Lancome Le Crayon Khôl in Black Ebony [$26 USD] – This has been her favorite eye pencil for many years, and although I think there are much cheaper alternatives these days, she uses it out of habit and because, of course, it’s a great product.

Not going to lie, this was a very fun post to make, and Mom said she’s very flattered that I wrote about her here 🙂 Tell me ladies, do you have any memories or stories about your mom’s makeup? What products is she wearing these days?

P.S.:  It’s not a bold fashion statement, those are actually my cycling gloves. Did I mention I like cross-country cycling?

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