The Plant Club November 2020 Unboxing & Review

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The Plant Club November 2020 Unboxing & Review - Syngonium podophyllum

The Plant Club November 2020 Unboxing & Review – Syngonium podophyllum

You guys, I’m so excited to tell you that a few weeks ago The Plant Club reached out and offered to gift me their November plant of the month! As you know, I’ve been obsessed with this subscription since July, and I love how it’s helping me transform my apartment with beautiful houseplants. Just having a pop of green here and there is a huge mood booster, and I smile every time I touch the delicate little leaves on my plants. This November, subscribers in my geographical area received Syngonium podophyllum aka Arrowhead plant.


For $24.95 + $9.00 S&H subscribers will receive a package that includes one carefully wrapped healthy “featured plant”, a suitable pot, premium potting soil mix with a bag of pebbles for drainage, if necessary, a plant name tag, and a hand-illustrated sheet with instructions. At the time of this post, there’s no option to receive pet-friendly plants only. Click here to subscribe.

Want to see how other plants are doing? I update my original reviews with new fresh photos regularly.

The Plant Club November 2020 Unboxing & Review - Syngonium podophyllum

What’s included in The Plant Club October 2020 box:

  • Syngonium podophyllum aka Arrowhead plant.
  • Premium ceramic footed pot.
  • A bag of mixed pebbles for drainage.
  • Premium soil blend, custom made by The Plant Club to match the plant’s needs.
  • My box also included a wooden plant tag, a piece of strawberry candy, a pencil, and a custom-made magnet with the name and image of the plant.

The Plant Club November 2020 Unboxing & Review - Syngonium podophyllum

Care instructions make it sound like a pretty easy plant:

1 // Syngonium podophyllum prefers bright, indirect light, so it’s recommended to place the plant in a shaded spot near a window.

2 // Being a tropical plant, Syngonium podophyllum likes humidity and the leaves will appreciate an occasional misting.

3 // It likes warm weather and thrives in temperatures between 70° –  90°F, with a minimum of 60°F. In the winter, we keep our house over  65°F at all times so hopefully, it doesn’t feel too cold.

4 // Syngonium podophyllum is not pet-safe so be sure to keep it out of reach! Luckily, Luna has zero interest in any of my plants.

5 // You can shape this plant however you like: prune the tops to make it into a lush bush, give it a pole or ropes to climb on like a vine, or allow it to trail horizontally.



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Syngonium podophyllum inspo on IG. Look at that lush green goodness! I hope my plant grows to be this bushy and happy, too.


  • Syngonium podophyllum is called Arrowhead Plant because the leaves start out as hearts and later mature into a sharp arrowhead shape.
  • Syngonium podophyllum earned the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. I mean, I totally get it – this variety is so beautiful to look at!
  • It’s super easy to propagate – simply put the cuttings in a glass jar and wait a few weeks for the roots to develop.

The Plant Club November 2020 Unboxing & Review - Syngonium podophyllum


Another month with another great plant from The Plant Club! With holidays around the corner, I hope you consider this subscription for a plant lover in your life or someone who wants to start a plant collection. To think that I never had a single live plant until July, and now I have all of these – and I have The Plant Club to thank for that. As it turns out, you don’t need a green thumb to avoid killing plants. Pick easy to care varieties that aren’t too fussy or ones that thrive on neglect, and place them in areas recommended by the professionals. I also downloaded a free app called Vera that reminds me to water my plants on schedule.

What do you think about this subscription service? Do you have any plants at home?

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