Sunday Reads 6/14/20

Sunday Reads 6/14/20

Sunday Reads 6/14/20

Hey everyone, how are you today? With everything happening over on Instagram and Twitter lately, I didn’t have time to catch up on my blog feed. I finally decided to open my Bloglovin’ to see what I’d missed and there’s a lot! Today’s Sunday Reads list is only scraping the surface of the articles that grabbed my interest, but I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. More to come next week!

1 // 5 Slang Terms White People Finally Read the Room and Stopped Using, Ranked – I literally never used any of these and didn’t even know some of them existed. Makes me feel so out of touch with pop culture, haha!

2 // Coronavirus May Be a Blood Vessel Disease, Which Explains Everything – If you’re fed up with coronavirus updates, skip this one. I personally found the article interesting and it makes some good points about the nature of COVID-19 and how it might be an entirely different virus than we had previously thought.

3 // Science vs Anecdotal Evidence in Reviews – Michelle from LabMuffin eloquently explains why science is king and personal testimonials are flawed. I mean, deep down you probably already knew that, but in case you need a reminder, be sure to read her blog post and watch the video.

4 // Tranexamic Acid: A Newer Skincare Ingredient for Pigmentation – Another gem from LabMuffin exploring the skincare potential of Tranexamic Acid. It might be a possible answer to hard-to-treat skin discolorations caused by melasma, PIE, or broken capillaries.

5 // How to Write a Helpful Review – Even if you aren’t a blogger or an influencer, sometimes we all feel like sharing our thoughts about a product or a service. Temptalia wrote a very detailed – and very helpful post on how to make your reviews better. I’m definitely taking notes because there are some things I wasn’t quite sure how to word. For me, the most helpful part of Christine’s post was the last few paragraphs about product value. I never know how to word the whole “value for money” thing without sounding insensitive or out of touch, because I often review pretty expensive skincare.

6 // Not Your Grandma’s Minimalism, or Your Neighbor’s – Lastly, here are some inspiring thoughts from Joshua of Becoming Minimalist on why your idea of minimalism may look different than someone else’s, and why that’s perfectly okay.

Enjoy your Sunday!