On My Nails: SquareHue Marchessie

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SquareHue Marchessie Swatch & Review

On My Nails: SquareHue Marchessie

It’s been over 3 years since I applied the first coat of SquareHue Marchessie on my nails, and it’s been one of my favorite nail polishes since. I culled my nail polish collection several times and it always made the cut, because I’ve never owned another color quite like it. Marchessie is a smooth pink creme with just enough gold sparkle to make the pink base pop, but not too glittery to give off a metallic sheen. Nothing against metallics, but there’s something about that delicate balance of cream and shimmer that highlights the beauty of both.

SquareHue Marchessie Swatch & Review SquareHue Marchessie Swatch & Review

For 3-year-old nail polish, Marchessie held up remarkably well. In fact, all of my SquareHue nail polishes did. I don’t think any of them dried out or even thickened much, and some – like Marchessie – are used regularly, while others have been used only a few times. It still applies like butter, so smoothly and evenly, and looks and feels like high-quality nail polish. Marchessie came as part of a trio, and if you want, you can read my original review here. The collection was inspired by samba, and the other two shade names were appropriately named Volta and Copas in honor of the iconic samba dance moves.

I don’t know why SquareHue went out of business, but it must’ve happened around March 2018, which was the last time their Instagram has been updated. I’m glad I still have a few products to remember them by, but it’s too bad that there’s no longer any opportunity to repurchase my favorites. This makes me appreciate Marchessie even more because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

Do you have any favorite beauty products that you won’t be able to repurchase again? Let me know in the comments below.

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