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It’s always exciting to introduce you ladies to a new makeup company, and it’s even more exciting that today the products I’m showing you were created by a fabulous MUA Eddie Funkhouser. Make up professionals sure know what works and what doesn’t to make us look like the best versions of ourselves, and I feel like I always enjoyed products from MUA-started brands.

Made predominantly in Italy, Eddie Funkhouser products offer minimalist packaging and world-class, studio-grade formulas that have the look and performance of prestige cosmetics at drugstore price point. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s take a closer look at five products I got to sample: Ultra Definition Bronze and Sculpt Powder, Luxlight Revitalizing Foundation, Micromineral Foundation Powder, UD Perfecting Powder, and 16 Hour 4 Way Liquid Concealer.

The first product I tried from the bunch was Luxlight Revitalizing Foundation in Fair, which is the lightest shade. It’s always so hard for me to find a matching foundation among the US brands, so I often have to resort to buying Asian makeup, that comes even in white [yep, literally white]. However, as you can see from the arm swatch, Fair looks like a great match for my complexion! I started with a clean face and applied two pumps of foundation with a wet beautyblender starting in the middle of my face. The result was great! Luxlight Revitalizing Foundation evened out my skin tone, masked the blemishes and mild discolorations, and almost completely neutralized the redness on my irritated skin, that is currently having a hormonal revolt of some kind.

The foundation provides medium-light coverage and can be easily built up to medium-full without looking cakey. As far as the skin type thing goes, I have combination skin that is oily in the T-zone with dry cheeks, and I haven’t experienced any increase in oiliness or accentuated dry spots, so the formula of this foundation balanced my skin pretty well. The wear time is decent – I wore it for at least 7 hours before I started noticing signs of wear. That’s a good record, considering I didn’t apply any primer for the sake of the evaluation.

The second product I used was in 16 Hour 4 Way Liquid Concealer in Light. From seeing the arm swatch you think it’s just too crazy orange, but it actually worked really well to brighten up my undereye area. I admit that the transformation isn’t as dramatic as some of you might have hoped since my dark circles aren’t bad at all, but a little brightening never hurts. The formula is kind of like a thick liquid foundation, but once it sets it stays on and won’t budge!

This concealer is waterproof, sweatproof, and long-lasting. I applied it in the morning and it stayed put throughout the day until I took off my makeup, and that was well over 12 hours of creaseless wear. In fact, the swatch you see didn’t want to come off with soap or with scrub, but don’t let that scare you because my makeup remover removed all traces of it very quickly.

Next two products I kind of tried together. I already had my Luxlight Revitalizing Foundation so I just covered half of my face with Micromineral Foundation Powder in Fair to compare the two sides. As you can see, the left part of my face is darker than the right [your POV], that’s the powder foundation at work. It’s not an ideal match for me because I’m just way too pale naturally, but I can see it working really well for people with Light to Medium complexions. It did settle into pores because I pretty much caked it on top of the liquid foundation, but when used alone it provides a nice matte finish.

When worn alone, on my skin it lasted just over 4 hours before I had to blot and re-powder the T-zone. As part of the “cake” it lasted all day and didn’t smudge or smear. To set my makeup I used UD Perfecting Powder in Gossamer, which is the only shade available. It’s so finely milled, the powder is virtually invisible on the skin, although I could definitely tell that it’s there by how well my makeup stayed put.

Last product is something I don’t normally use but I was still excited to give it a shot since I had the opportunity. Ultra Definition Bronze and Sculpt Powder in Medium Terracotta is a bronzer and contouring powder in one.

Individually the colors don’t provide much pigmentation and are quite powdery, but once swirled together they offer a nice rich medium brown shade that looks great even on the palest skin like mine. It can be a challenging task to contour fair skin without looking like you’re dirty, and I’m really not that great at it to begin with, but here’s my humble attempt 🙂

For a more natural look [it’s more natural for me this way, because I like looking like a porcelain doll], here is another comparison picture from a different setting; you might recognize this setup from one of my recent posts. For the entire shoot I only used a full coverage foundation with no cheek product at all to make sure all focus is on the lipstick. At the end of the shoot, I lightly applied some Ultra Definition Bronze and Sculpt Powder under my cheekbones, on my temples, and on the sides of the nose to give my face some subtle definition. See how much difference a small dab of product can make?

To wrap up this review, here are some arm swatches where you can see the colors all together and compare them to one another. Enjoy!

Luxlight Revitalizing Foundation – 100%, A+
Formula 10/10 | Application 10/10 | Pigmentation 10/10 | Longevity 10/10 | Product 10/10

16 Hour 4 Way Liquid Concealer – 96%, A
Formula 9/10 | Application 9.5/10 | Pigmentation 10/10 | Longevity 10/10 | Product 9.5/10

Micromineral Foundation Powder – 86%, B
Formula 9/10 | Application 8/10 | Pigmentation 9/10 | Longevity 8/10 | Product 9/10

UD Perfecting Powder – 100%, A+
Formula 10/10 | Application 10/10 | Pigmentation 10/10 | Longevity 10/10 | Product 10/10

Ultra Definition Bronze and Sculpt Powder – 88%, B+
Formula 8.5/10 | Application 9.5/10 | Pigmentation 8/10 | Longevity 9/10 | Product 9/10

Luxlight Revitalizing Foundation – $15 USD for 1 fl. oz. Available at Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, Dermstore, select Rite Aid stores.
16 Hour 4 Way Liquid Concealer – $12 USD for 0.1 fl. oz. Available at Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, Dermstore, select Rite Aid stores.
Micromineral Foundation Powder – $13 USD for 0.2 oz. Available at Urban Outfitters, Dermstore, select Rite Aid stores.
UD Perfecting Powder – $13 USD for 0.37 oz. Available at Dermstore, select Rite Aid stores.
Ultra Definition Bronze and Sculpt Powder – $13 USD for 0.3 oz. Available at Urban Outfitters, Dermstore, select Rite Aid stores.

And of course the full line of products is available at EddieFunkhouser.com

Have you tried any Eddie Funkhouser products?

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