POPSUGAR MustHave June 2014 Review, Pictures

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Ahhh, it’s finally June! It’s one of my favorite months because the days are already long and the temperature outside is nice and warm, but not as hot as it gets in July. It’s the perfect month to go to the beach and do other fun outdoor activities. I get it, every month is perfect for outdoor activities, but I’m a lazy bum and only spend time outside when it’s comfortable for me 🙂 I don’t know why ‘m rambling about all of this now, but June POPSUGAR Must Have box happened to include some really great things that fit well with my lifestyle nicely. It also looks like POPSUGAR slightly changed the design of the packaging and the product card, and I like the changes!

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The One & Only by Emily Griffin – I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I don’t really read paper books for entertainment, and currently most of my reading is either done online or on my tablet. Looks like this particular novel is one of the hottest chick lit reads for Summer, with the story that revolves around football and a few lifelong friends set in a small Texas town.

Sachajuan Shiny Citrus Body Lotion – What usually worries me the most about citrus-scented lotions is that they have a potential to smell like cleaning products. While some of them really do, Sachajuan Shiny Citrus Body Lotion is different, instead it smells more like the original Eau de Cologne №4711. I own a bottle of Aqua Colonia with Melissa and Verbena, that smells almost identical. Shiny Citrus is a great unisex fragrance that can be worn by both genders. This lotion is super emollient and spreads well, leaving the skin soft and moisturized without the greasy foil, while the fragrance is long-lasting and doesn’t fade for hours.

Turkish-T Basic Breeze Sorbet Towel – You’d never think that a towel this lightweight could be used for the beach, but it totally works. I spend two months in Turkey and I remember seeing similar towels everywhere. People used them for the beach, as head wraps and coverups, as tablecloth, runners, centerpieces, home decorations, washcloths, tea towels etc… you get the point. This towel is made with soft high-quality cotton that is super absorbent, and the design really looks authentic. I love that it doesn’t take nearly as much space in my beach bag as my current towel, so i look forward to giving it a try next time I go out to have some fun in the sun.

You Smell Lemon Wet Wipes – With a funny name like that, it’s hard to take these individually-wrapped wet wipes seriously, but they deliver a powerful punch to BO and will freshen you up like it’s going out of style. The wipes are actually quite large, about 35-40% wider than POND’S makeup removing wipes I use, and I always thought those were huge. The lemony scent here is not the dish liquid kind either, it’s more of a sweet lemon meringue kind of lemon. One wipe was just enough to give my upper body a nice showerless shower, and that’s exactly what I need to freshen up on hot days. At $5 a box, these funny wipes just might find their way into my permanent stash of Summer must-haves!

Lollies Basics Hair Ties – I can never have too many hair ties, because I constantly lose them [I’m sure everyone can relate to that]. This trio came in basic B&W colors, decorated with simple gold-toned rings, making them look cute both in your hair and on your wrist. POPSUGAR swears that these ties won’t stretch over time like the most regular ties, so we’ll see about that.

One Potato Two potato Hawaiian BBQ Chips – Kettle chips have been gaining popularity lately, and I even bought them several times myself, although I don’t normally snack on chips. They really do taste differently from traditional Pringles and Lays, and look like they were home-made or something. I personally find them a to be greasier, too, but nobody really eats chips for health, right? So might as well have fun indulging in their delicious unhealthy crispiness, knowing that it contains all-natural ingredients. Yum!

[Extra] Native Union Gift Card – As a special little treat POPSUGAR included a $15 gift card to Native union. They sell all sorts of fun high-tech and geeky gadgets and accessories perfect for a tech-enthusiast in your life. I’ve been eyeing that Monocle for a while, maybe it’s time I take the plunge and get it 🙂

Everything about this box screams “Summer” to me, and that’s why I really liked it. I will most likely pack the towel and the book to take with me to the beach. If I end up getting the Monocle, it will also be a fun thing to take along, it will be like my own little pocket boombox 🙂 The wipes will be stuffed in all of my Summer purses, and the lotion will be used daily for its fresh and uplifting fragrance. I’m already snacking on chips as I write this, and wearing one of my Lollies hair ties. Love boxes where I end up using everything!

What are your thoughts on my June POPSUGAR Must Have box? Anything catches your fancy?

Product Retail value
The One & Only by Emily Griffin $16.52
Sachajuan Shiny Citrus Body Lotion $24.00
Turkish-T Basic Breeze Sorbet Towel $32.00
You Smell Lemon Wet Wipes $5.00
Lollies Basics Hair Ties $8.00
One Potato Two potato Hawaiian BBQ Chips $0.99
[Extra] Native Union Gift Card $15.00
Box Retail Value $101.51

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