Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Review

Today I received my Dr. Dennis Gross order and figured I might as well write a review. Some of these products are a bit unusual, because I mostly see people buying their moisturizers or daily peel pads, but I rarely see reviews on other things they carry like bath salts or tinted moisturizer. I hope my review helps you discover something new about this amazing brand.

I’ll start with the unusual products first:

All-in-One Cleanser with Toner (2.5oz)
I got the smallest size just to try it because I was looking for a good oil-balancing cleanser, and it’s actually pretty good. Interesting fact – you apply this cleanser with dry hands to dry face, massage it for 10-30 seconds depending on your skin type and then wash off with warm water. It worked great for removing waterproof makeup and physical sunscreen and didn’t irritate my eyes at all, so I’m now convinced that the steep price is totally justified. I plan on getting a 16oz bottle when I run out of this one.

Purifying Bath Crystals with Himalayan Salt (14.1oz)
I loved these bath crystals, they turned my bath time into a relaxing SPA ritual. The scent seems to be a mix of pine needles, cedar tree bark, tea tree oil and aloe vera. My skin actually felt really soft afterwards, which is why I prefer salts to bubbles.

In the jar they look like very fine sand rather than big salt grains I’m used to. I wish it came with a scoop though, because the salt was pressed together too tight and I couldn’t use my hands to get it out. In the end had to use my scrub scoop.

All-In-One Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 15 in Light (1.7oz)
I loved this tinted moisturizer, in fact right now I love it more than any of my BB creams. It has SPF and antioxidants, and it’s super lightweight which is just perfect for my combination skin. Definitely a keeper, and I will purchase more when I run out.

It absorbs instantly and blends perfectly with my skin. If I want a fuller coverage I can just put on a second layer and it won’t even look cakey.

EZ4U Facial Towelettes (20ct)
I use moistened wipes to take off my makeup every day so I figured I might give these a try. Honestly, in terms of removing makeup I was not impressed at all. The packaging says that I have to apply one to the face and keep on wiping until the pad feels dry. I don’t have a big face at all but this wipe was so ridiculously small! It took about 30 seconds to get dry, at which point I still had plenty of makeup left on my face. All I had on me was tinted moisturizer, a little blush, non-waterproof mascara and a little eyeshadow, and by the time the wipe dried out I still had raccoon eyes. These wipes also seemed to irritate my eyes a bit, because they stung for a few minutes afterward – a reaction I don’t get from their cheaper Pond’s and Aveeno drugstore counterparts. I will still use them for a quick midday freshening up, but never again to remove makeup.

Look, aren’t they tiny? This is a “full-size”!

Age Erase Recovery Mask with Mega 10 Plus (6ct)
This mask is a 2-step process that you have to follow to get the best effect. First you have to massage the contents of step 1 part into your face, neck and chest and let it absorb. It’s a clear slimy gel-like mix of hyaluronic acid concentrate and vitamins, which is activated by water, heat and massage. Step 2 looks and feels like high fat greek yogurt, it heats up when you mix it with water and massage it to your face. I don’t think I have ever gotten the same moisturizing results from any of my masks or creams, my skin looked and felt extremely good. It looked full, radiant and felt very soft to touch. I will keep these packets for special occasions, because each application is essentially $8.00, since there are only 6 in the box.

Hydra-Pure Oil-Free Moisture (0.5oz)
I know my tap water is awful, I get orange streaks whenever I do dishes. Adding a little salt helps soften it, but I don’t want to put salt on my face too. So it’s great that there is a product like this that will help neutralize the harmful elements found in tap water. This cream has a consistency of a light fluid so a little goes a long way. It’s extremely moisturizing almost to the point of being greasy, but maybe that’s because I put on too much at first. Supposedly it doesn’t clog the pores which is great for my combination skin.

Age Erase Moisture with Mega 10 for Eyes (0.17oz)
I can always find a use for another good eye cream. It contains chelators to neutralize the metals and other junk found in tap water so your skin doesn’t suffer after you wash it. This cream made the skin around my eyes feel soft and nourished, and seeing how this eye cream is not very expensive I might be looking to purchase more in the future.

Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel (60ct)
I’ve seen this at-home peel system advertised in just about every single beauty magazine, so I kind of caved and bought it to see what the hype is all about. I’ve been using Apple Peel by Juice Beauty, so I actually have something to compare it with. Unlike Juice Beauty peel, this one doesn’t make my skin red, which is a good thing. I have some old acne scars on my forehead and lower cheeks, which is the reason why I started using acid peels in the first place but so far none of them have completely erased the signs of past damage, so I have high hopes! I will update this post with results in 2 months when my 60-day supply runs out.

Have you tried any of the products I listed? Do you have any questions about the products I listed? Is there anything else you would recommend by this brand? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂