Sneakpeeq VIP Gold Mystery Box Review: Girl Who’s Got It All

I got an email from Sneakpeeq that they restocked their mystery boxes after the Black Friday sale (which I managed to miss somehow). At the time they had three options to choose from: Holiday Glam Girl, Girl Who’s Got It All and Nature Girl. I bought the Girl Who’s Got It All box because I liked the potential contents list: argan oil skincare and deluxe handbags.

Guess what? I lucked out and received one of the Gold VIP boxes which contain more expensive items instead of the regular cheaper ones. The price of one single item in my box brought up the value to $100! That was a fun gamble and I’m glad I went for it! And as I was analyzing the contents it really felt like all of these items would make nice gifts for any “girl who’s got it all”, because they were all basic products but fancier than what you’d normally use.

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