Zents Eau de Toilette Review (Part I): Mandarin, Petal and Pear

Back in December I won a complete collection of ten Zents fragrances by entering the sweepstakes on their Facebook page. I was totally overwhelmed when I found out I’m the grand prize winner because I just recently became a die-hard Zents fan after sampling their bath salts through Yuzen beauty subscription.

The main reason I love this company so much is because the owner, Cord Coen, suffers from scent-sensitivity just like I do, so he strives to create “migraine-free” fragrances that even people like us fill find pleasant and non-irritating; he constantly tests his blends on himself, his friends and family. If any scent ever causes a reaction it doesn’t make it into the line, which is why I believe that a company with such dedication and attention to the smallest details deserves to be called a luxe skincare brand. Now I have ten fabulous fragrances to choose from and I can be confident they won’t give me a headache or bother anyone close to me while I’m wearing them. All Zents fragrances are cruelty free and never contain phtalates, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, propylene glycol and parabens.
If interested, you can read the amazing story behind Zents and its founder here.

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