My Secret Crush: Olive Nail Polish

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OPI Infinite Shine This Isn't Greenland from Iceland Collection 2017 - olive creme nail polish swatch, review

An Ode to OPI This Isn’t Greenland (my fave olive nail polish)

Are there any beauty products that you absolutely adore but rarely talk about? I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of those! It’s not like I intentionally keep them to myself, but they just never come up in a conversation for some reason. One of these not-so-secret faves is a small bottle of OPI This Isn’t Greenland ($10.50), which is on track to become the first nail polish in a while I will actually finish.

Since the beginning of the lockdown, I challenged myself to go through my nail polish collection and use each bottle at least once. I got the idea from a YouTube decluttering video, but the original advice there was about clothes. This tactic can honestly apply to any collection that got a bit out of hand with time, from makeup to stationery to tools, you name it. The point is to use everything at least once and then you’ll know if you still love/need that item. It also helps determine which items could use some repairs and discover things that need to be tossed. Pretty nifty, isn’t it?

OPI Infinite Shine This Isn't Greenland from Iceland Collection 2017 - olive creme nail polish swatch, review

OPI This Isn’t Greenland looks surprisingly nice swatched, doesn’t it?

About halfway through my nail polish stash, I came across this dusty bottle. Not gonna lie, the color didn’t really look all that appealing. But a challenge’s a challenge, and I was committed to using everything I own, even if I don’t remember why I own it in the first place. Two thin coats with a quick swipe of top coat, and I’m obsessed! Surprisingly, the color that looked eerily like a puddle of questionable bodily fluids in the bottle, blossomed in all of its buttery olive glory instead.

My skin tone is fair neutral, leaning warm, and something about This Isn’t Greenland just works. Plus, with the bulletproof Infinite Shine formula that wears like iron on my nails for a whole week or even longer – insane for a regular, non-gel nail polish – this is pretty much a match made in heaven. And that’s that, you guys!

OPI Infinite Shine This Isn’t Greenland was released as part of OPI Iceland Collection and is still available on Amazon.

What’s your favorite “unconventional” nail polish color?

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