Molton Brown Bizarre Brandy Limited Edition Collection

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Molton Brown Bizarre Brandy Limited Edition Collection

Molton Brown Bizarre Brandy

Molton Brown Bizarre Brandy came out as part of the Holiday 2019 Collection, but I didn’t have a chance to try out the products until last week. Actually, I first opened the package on New Year’s Eve and of course, the body was was the first thing I used. I keep saying this all the time, but there’s nothing like a Molton Brown shower! Their body washes are seriously next level, and it’s just one of the few things that make my mornings fun [admittedly, I’m a night owl and hate getting up early].

Bizarre Brandy collection includes four products:

  • Bizarre Brandy Body Lotion
  • Bizarre Brandy Bath & Shower Gel
  • Bizarre Brandy Eau de Toilette
  • Bizarre Brandy Single Wick Candle
  • Bizarre Brandy Festive Bauble (sold out)

There are also four gift sets that feature a combination of the products above if you feel like trying multiple things. They are not value sets though, and each set is priced as if you bought the products individually. The only difference is that they come in special gift packaging.

Molton Brown Bizarre Brandy Limited Edition Collection

Inspired by the rebellious spirit of jazz and The Bright Young Things, Bizarre Brandy is a woody & spicy take on the Gatsby-esque parties of the Roaring Twenties. The fragrance boasts the notes of aged brandy, ginger, cinnamon, and smoky incense, capturing the glitz and glamor of the bohemian society.

Bizarre Brandy Eau de Toilette ($120) is the crown jewel of the collection, and other products are meant to accompany and complement its main notes. It opens up with a spicy burst of cardamom, orange and ginger, later revealing the warm heart of aged brandy, coffee and maple, and finally settling into a base of incense, cedarwood, and tobacco that stay close to skin until the end of the day. For an EDP, this fragrance is surprisingly long-lasting, and I could smell all of its transformations throughout the day. It really does smell like a holiday party, with fizzy punch, music, confetti, sparklers, and traditional holiday dishes. Bizarre Brandy EDT is fun without being juvenile, and the drydown, in particular, is especially sophisticated and charming.

Molton Brown Bizarre Brandy Limited Edition Collection

Bizarre Brandy Body Lotion ($44) makes a wonderful companion to the EDT, making the notes even crisper and more distinct. Alternatively, you could use it instead of the EDT if you want to keep the scent close to the skin, so only those in your personal space would be aware of it. My husband loves when I wear the EDT so I use it liberally, but I would probably go for the body lotion in an office situation. I’ll be honest, Molton Brown body lotion formula is not my favorite. If I was looking for a product to keep my skin truly moisturized, this would not be the brand I’d reach for. This lotion is fairly lightweight so it could probably work for someone with oily skin, but its main purpose is to serve as a lower intensity perfume and a companion to the EDT.

Molton Brown Bizarre Brandy Limited Edition Collection

Bizarre Brandy Bath & Shower Gel ($35) is my favorite product from the collection, naturally. I know the word is grossly overused, but you guys know I am so obsessed with Molton Brown body washes that I rarely use anything else. This one is no exception! I’m a night owl and will take all the help I can get when it comes to getting ready in the morning. This body wash makes me feel like I’m in a fancy music lounge surrounded by a cloud of Bizarre Brandy EDT, which instantly makes me feel more awake and alert. Anything to make those sluggish early morning hours fun, am I right? And yes, just like most other Molton Brown body washes, the fragrance will linger on the skin for a few hours. It’s mostly the top and middle notes though, but it’s still a very nice scent.

If you like the idea and would love to try a few products from this collection, you’re in luck! Now that the holidays are over, everything from Molton Brown Bizarre Brandy collection is on sale in their online store. You can grab everything at 30% off + free shipping while supplies last at

Have you tried Molton Brown body washes? What’s your favorite scent? Let me know in the comments!

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