Mani Monday: Julep “Demi”

I decided to start my own tiny tradition: every Monday I’ll be showing you guys what nail color I’m wearing this week. My manicures usually last about 5 days, then I take the polish off and give my nails a couple days of rest.
This week I’m sporting Julep in “Demi”, in person it looks like very dark red with blue undertones and creme finish. The color also seems to change under the sunlight – it becomes bright crimson red! The formula is kind of meh but it dries pretty fast compared to most other polishes I own. I admit I’m not a nail polish junkie so I can only comment on the quality compared to what I’ve tried so far [which is not much]. My main problem with this polish is that it chips too quickly unless I maintain my manicure with an extra layer of top coat every day which is the main reason why I don’t wear it much. It is a very pretty color though.