My Trip to Yellowstone National Park

The road mostly looked like this – gloomy and boring!

And here is the reason why I was so late on my beauty box reviews. My parents were staying over for 3 weeks and we decided to have a little road trip and go all the way to Yellowstone National Park making a stop at Mall of America and Mt. Rushmore on the way. We had a great time and being the beauty fanatic I am I ended up buying a Goat’s milk & Huckleberry hand and body lotion in the souvenir shop.

Colorful fish at Shedd Aquarium.

At first we stopped by Chicago and visited a few museums. We checked out Shedd Aquarium, Sear’s Tower and Museum of Science and Industry.

Jellies exhibition. You jelly?

Our next few stops included Mall of America, Mount Rushmore and Sioux Falls waterfalls.

The trunk of the car was totally stuffed after this.

I had a blast climbing those glacier waterfalls, you can walk around and climb any rock you want!

Sioux Falls.

We stopped at Mt. Rushmore very briefly or we wouldn’t have made it to our hotel before nighttime.

Mt. Rushmore

We got really lucky with weather at Yellowstone, I heard it started snowing right after we left. We also managed to see some wildlife: wolves, moose, otters, foxes, bison, elk and large herds of pronghorns.