Luna’s Corner #2

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Hi, minions, miss me yet? My first column was so widely successful, I couldn’t wait to scribble another one. I’ve gotten better at sneaking into my human’s photo setups, and sometimes she doesn’t even know I’m in the room until she hovers over one of those bottles with a camera in her hand and sees my nose imprint on the lens instead. Catobombs are the best photobombs!

Luna's Corner #2. Read more at >> | via @glamorableHere’s today’s menu:

  • Well-trimmed nubbins or elegant curved claws? Fall nail polish colors from SquareHue September 2015 box, that look great on any paw!
  • Pink is for pussies! Does that make Beauty Box 5 October 2015 box purrfect for me? P.S.: there’s no such thing as too much crinkle paper.
  • This aggression will not stand! Why wooden caps from Farmacy Gentle Exfoliating Grains make perfect cat toys.
  • Perfect treats from ProfilePRO – wrapping paper, strings, and ribbons that also come with some random bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Didn’t care for them and passed them on to my human.

Luna's Corner #2. Read more at >> | via @glamorableThis week has been pretty eventful! My human’s brother-in-law is in town, so I gained a new follower. I appreciate his humble attempts to keep up with my energy, but he really is no match for my skills. Alright, alright, I’ll admit he is quite pleasant for a human, and I hope he comes back often to play with me again. That DaBird is not gonna catch itself. To all cats reading this: order your minions to get you one of these, it’s the best cat toy I’ve ever owned, period.

Luna's Corner #2. Read more at >> | via @glamorableOn Thursday my human is using her PTO and leaving to spend some time in NYC. She’s been a great assistant, and as much as I hate to see her go even for a few days, I suppose it would be unprofessional of me to insist on her staying. She arranged for someone to come over several times a day to fulfill her duties though, so hopefully my daily routine won’t be too disturbed by her absence.

Luna's Corner #2. Read more at >> | via @glamorableSince we’re on the topic of my assistant, I’ve been really enjoying sleeping closer to her every night. She just ordered a big box for me to play in, and it came stuffed with random things [she calls them vitamins]. Anyhow, I think she’s been accidentally eating them [she’s not very smart] so now she sleeps through my chirps and purrs, so I can get as comfy as I want without being pushed off the bed.

How’s your week going, minions? Any exciting news to share?

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