This Haircare Duo Has My Name On It

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In the beauty world you can technically customize any part of your routine for the right price, and in most cases that price would be too steep for many of us. However, there are companies that aim to make the process affordable to anyone. Based on the notion that a consumer knows what their hair needs better than some generic label on the packaging, Profile PRO creates basic hair care products tailored to your individual needs.

Profile PRO Review: How to Customize Haircare. Read more at >> | via @glamorableThe process is pretty straightforward. First you head over to and click “Get Started” to begin the questionnaire. You will then be prompted to fill in the name you want to appear on the bottles, and answer a few basic questions about your hair’s current condition. You will also get to choose a scent from the five available: Jasmine [signature], Citrus, Coconut, Lavender, or Vanilla. I chose the former because I was curious what it was going to be like. Keep in mind, if you are looking for a real jasmine flower scent – this isn’t it. I thought it smelled more like a nice floral perfume with hints of jasmine, which is fine with me, but some people may pick this one hoping for a single-note fragrance and will end up disappointed.

The next round of questions asks about the results you want to achieve with your shampoo & conditioner, and you can pick as many choices as you wish. I personally think that it’s better when products are targeted rather than multi-functional, so for my duo I chose a volumizing formula.

Profile PRO Review: How to Customize Haircare. Read more at >> | via @glamorableLet’s talk results. For my fine, straight hair with normal roots, the volumizing shampoo I created worked pretty well. There wasn’t much lathering since the formula doesn’t contain sulfates, but it still efficiently cleansed my hair of dirt and residue from styling products without stripping the shaft of healthy oils.

The conditioner had thick creamy consistency, and had a particularly high end feel to it. It easily compares to my faves from Kerastase and Oribe that both cost 2-3 times more, so I felt like this was a particularly good value.

Profile PRO Review: How to Customize Haircare. Read more at >> | via @glamorableProfile PRO offers multiple pricing options for the full-sized bottles, which you can also order individually. A customized sample duo is also available for a flat price of $9.95, and the shipping on all orders is always free.

Do you like the idea of customized cosmetics? Have you tried Profile PRO before? Which scent would you choose for your products? let me know in the comments below!

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