Limited Edition Holiday Treats from Molton Brown

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Limited Edition Holiday Treats from Molton Brown - via @glamorable #moltonbrown #holidaycheer #juniper #elderflower

Every year Molton Brown releases Limited Edition products and curated gift sets to bring the feeling of wintry festivities into your home. The latest holiday editions include much loved Vintage with Elderflower, Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine, and Festive Frankinsense & Allspice collections. Today I wanted to share my thoughts on a few products featured in these collections, and maybe inspire you to pick up a treat or two as a little gift for yourself, or for someone special.

Limited Edition Holiday Treats from Molton Brown - via @glamorable #moltonbrown #holidaycheer #juniper #elderflower

Molton Brown Vintage with Elderflower Bath & Shower Gel ($33) won over my heart last winter, and I’ve been using it sparingly ever since whenever I needed a quick pick me up. It took me almost a year to finish the bottle, so you can say I’ve been really ‘babying’ it, and rightfully so, because this is such an exquisite body wash! It sparkles and shines with thousands of tiny shimmery particles that give the skin a little glow that stays – not too much, but it’s definitely there. It also smells amazing! Bright notes of grapefruit, petitgrain, vetiver, and English elderflower make up a festive and sophisticated bouquet.

“Capturing the essence of a refined celebration in a breathtaking French chateau, the blend inspirits that moment of anticipation and ultimate effervescence ahead of parties.”

Molton Brown Vintage with Elderflower Scented Candle ($49) is very fragrant even when it’s not lit. I originally had it burning in the bathroom to make the space smell nice, but quickly realized what a waste that was. If you tried other Molton Brown candles, you may be used to a more subtle outcome, so keep in mind that this one is really potent. It can single-handedly scent the entire floor, if given the chance [with open doors & good air flow].

Limited Edition Holiday Treats from Molton Brown - via @glamorable #moltonbrown #holidaycheer #juniper #elderflower Limited Edition Holiday Treats from Molton Brown - via @glamorable #moltonbrown #holidaycheer #juniper #elderflower

Molton Brown Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine Bath & Shower Gel ($30) makes the perfect addition to my hand wash from the same collection. I saved half of it from last year, and pulled it out again after the first snow.  This fragrance definitely reminds me of winter. The blend includes notes of juniper berry, pine tree, oakmoss, and Lapp pine bark, and they come together so beautifully to add a little spark to the snowy landscape outside.

“Inspired by the arctic landscape of Laponia, Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine captures the essence of wintry Christmas. As snow falls on the old-growth pine forests, a magical winter playground comes to life.”

The scent is fairly masculine, that’s why I am only using the hand wash from this collection. My husband totally adores the body wash though. He can skip cologne and still smell great, and as a minimalist he appreciates the opportunity to use one less product and still look groomed and put together for the holidays.

Limited Edition Holiday Treats from Molton Brown - via @glamorable #moltonbrown #holidaycheer #juniper #elderflower

Molton Brown body products are among my favorite indulgences, so I feel like you really can’t go wrong no matter which line you try. I am always impressed with the depth and longevity of the fragrances that are uniquely English, and I look forward to making the holiday feeling last longer with these limited edition scents.

What is your favorite home scent for the holidays? Do you use ever splurge on fancy body wash? Let me know in the comments below!

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