Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company Subscription: Free Trial Deal

So I got this offer in my email the other day offering a free trial of this subscription called The Honest Company. I have never heard about it before and was excited to see Jessica Alba’s name on it since she’s one of my favorite celebrities.

There are two different subscription “bundles” as they call them that you can get a free trial of: the Diaper one which I’m not really interested in, and the Family Essentials one that features eco-friendly and non-toxic household and beauty products.

 Free Trial options:

  • Diapers Bundle – Includes a sample supply of diapers AND wipes (for a limited time ) that are safer for children 
  • Family Essentials Bundle – Includes a trial size of the most important stuff you’ll need for your family
No matter which one you choose, you only end up paying $5.95 for shipping and handling. Now the important thing to remember with any trial offer is to cancel in time. I cannot stress this enough, if you don’t cancel then you will see some unwanted charges on your credit card. The Honest Company gives you 7 days since the date on the original receipt to cancel your subscription otherwise you will be charged $79.95 plus $5.95 shipping and handling for the Diapers sub, or $35.95 plus $5.95 shipping and handling for the Family Essentials package. So this works kind of like that Julep penny subscription deal.
TL:DR: Don’t forget to cancel within 7 days!
Now if you would like to try this subscription click here to sign up for this free trial offer.