4th of July Manicure 2013

Happy Holidays, everyone! This week many of your favorite beauty bloggers will show you their 4th of July manicures, and Glamorable! is no exception. I had so many design ideas in my head that I decided to feature them all at once, one pattern per finger. Here they are!

  1. Thumb: I first applied an all-over base color using Color Club Mod in Manhattan. After it dried, I took a sponge and patted Zoya Carmen on top of it, starting from about 3/4 down. Then starting 1/4 down from the top I patted on some Color Club Insta This, until it turned opaque. To even up the gradient, I swiped the entire nail with one good thick coat of Wet ‘n Wile New Years Kiss glitter, and sealed with Sally Hansen Insta-dri top coat.
  2. Middle finger: I applied Zoya Carmen as a base, then painted half of it with Color Club Insta This. Waited for the whole thing to dry, and applied dots on the blue side with Color Club Nail Striper in White (I don’t have a dotting tool, so that’s why the dots look a bit sloppy). Using the same nail striper I painted the stripes on the red side.
  3. Ring finger: The base color on this finger is, as you can already tell, Color Club Mod in Manhattan, with two thin stripes of Zoya Carmen and Color Club Insta This.
  4. Pinky finger: Zoya Carmen used here as an all-over color, with thin stripes using Color Club Nail Striper in White and Color Club Insta This.
  5. Pointer finger: The easiest of them all! I applied Color Club Insta This as a base, waited for it to thoroughly dry, then swiped a line along the edge with a top coat and dipped the nail into some nameless Chinese nail glitter.