Fun Little Purchase: Gorjana & Griffin Bloom Disc Bracelet

This June all POPSUGAR MustHave subscribers received a $25 gift card to Gorjana & Griffin online store. I initially went there to see if they had anything I was interested in, added something to cart and closed the window without checking out. A couple weeks later I visited the site again to see if they perhaps added some more pieces, and that’s when I decided to purchase this tiny Bloom Disc bracelet.

One thing to keep in mind if you plan on buying from Gorjana & Griffin – all of their bracelets run small, like very small! I have tiny 6″ wrists and the bracelet fits me like a glove, which I am of course super happy about, but people with standard and larger sized wrists will be unpleasantly surprised.

The bracelet came in a cute linen pouch which was placed within a bigger gray box with G&G logo all over. It’s a nice touch, considering this was one of the cheaper items on the website. They also have gift box options available, but I think their default packaging is pretty good on its own.

The overall quality of the bracelet is above average, but I’m not a fan of the orangey color of the gold coating, it just looks unnatural to me. The bracelet is actually two-sided, but the other side of the circle has a weird “earthy” colored enamel on it, so I try not to flip it.

Some people report that the coupon does cover the shipping costs, so if yours is still unused, you might want to check out the cheaper items for a potential freebie!

Did you use your Gorjana & Griffin gift card from POPSUGAR?