True Beauty Box Unboxing and Review: Veganista // Natural Beauty June 2013

I have a new monthly subscription to share with you today – True Beauty Box. It comes in three varieties and four beauty profiles for each, so there are 12 box variations every month. I’ve been eyeing this one ever since they launched a few months ago, and I didn’t subscribe simply because I was unsure if I want to dish out $30 for a few random products. I figured that there’s no sense in waiting any longer, and boxes have been consistently high value, so I caved and subscribed in time to receive the June box.

About True Beauty Box:
For $30 or $40/month you will receive a monthly box full of All Natural, Full Size, trendy and chic beauty products, plus samples and a monthly surprise! With a personally curated box you are sure to get your look every time! This is a month to month program, so don’t stress about commitment. You can even change beauty profiles and box styles!
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They have three box varieties:

  • Flirt – focuses on natural makeup with occasional skin and body care items,
  • Veganista – focuses on skin care with occasional makeup
  • Indulge – a mix of both for $10 more, and 1-2 extra items in every box

When you decide on your box type there are four beauty profiles to choose from:

  • Purely Pretty – Girly boxes filled with shades of pink, pastels and neutrals
  • Eco chic – Focus on classic shades, like red lipsticks and black eyeliners
  • Organically on Trend – Bright and bold colors
  • Natural Beauty – Mostly neutrals and nudes

I chose a Veganista box variety and the Natural Beauty profile, because I was hoping for some great natural skin care products. When I finally received my box, my first impression was: ughhh… are you serious? My box had not one but TWO products for tanning! And as most of you know by now, I’m not a person that tans, or uses fake tanners. Well, that really wasn’t the company’s fault, because most people would love these products, I’m just weird like that. So, I tried to keep an open mind about my box, and review everything objectively (I should really do this more often).

True Natural All-Natural Tropical Tan Self Tanning Lotion
I have never tried an all-natural self-tanner, but then again I didn’t use all that many non-natural tanners either, so it’s not like I have a lot of products to compare it with. But I imagine if I was to actually use one at some point, I would want it to have as few chemicals as possible. This self tanner smells like coconut and vanilla beans which adds to its appeal. The ingredient list is actually fairly short, and that’s usually a good thing.
Overall: 4/5
Purchase: No

Lavera After Sun Shimmer Lotion
Even though this is technically an after sun lotion, nothing’s stopping me from using it as a daily lotion. It’s very runny and spreads easily on the skin, and a little truly goes a long way. The formula is packed with ultra-fine shimmer flecks which are pearly rather than glittery, so you won’t look like you just went to Ke$ha’s concert.
Overall: 4.5/5
Purchase: No

Lavera Beautiful Lips Lipstick in Peach Amber No.2
The lipstick came in this gorgeous pink peach color which couldn’t be more perfect! It’s sheer, but still provides enough pigment for beautiful coverage. Unfortunately, the staying power is very poor, and the color starts fading pretty quickly, so it’s probably more of a tinted lip balm than a lipstick. I liked that it’s all-natural and carmine-free, after all those of us who use lipsticks end up “eating” a lot of it during the day, so the less chemicals the better. The formula is packed with moisturizing oils and nourishing extracts such as jojoba seed oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, cocoa butter, olive oil and more exotic ones like seabuckthorn fruit extract, mallow flower extract, cabbage rose flower extract and others…
Overall: 5/5
Purchase: Yes

The verdict: Although my first True Beauty Box was a bit of a letdown, I’m planning to stick around for at least one more month. I know that I’m taking a big risk here, because for $30 I can get a bunch of products that I know I will like, but I really wanted to try more Lavera products, and maybe slowly switch to a more natural skincare and makeup routine.

Have you heard of True Beauty Box before? What are your favorite natural products/brands?

Product Retail value
True Natural All-Natural Tropical Tan Self Tanning Lotion $22.99
Lavera After Sun Shimmer Lotion $23.00
Lavera Beautiful Lips Lipstick $22.00
Box Retail Value $67.99