Exuviance AGE REVERSE Toning Neck Cream

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Since we’re on the topic of taking care of body parts we often neglect, let’s talk about your neck! Even those of us who have the most sophisticated and comprehensive beauty routines sometimes fail to provide proper care for this delicate area. Just like the hands, the skin on your neck is notorious for giving away your real age, even if the face and the rest of the body are in perfect shape. Now don’t get me wrong, I see nothing bad in accepting your body as it is, but I simply enjoy skincare too much to resist the temptation of preserving that youthful glow. For the past few weeks I’ve been testing a brand new [to me at least] product targeted specifically for the neck – Exuviance AGE REVERSE Toning Neck Cream [$78 for 4.4 oz, available here].

Exuviance AGE REVERSE Toning Neck Cream

With that said, I have a confession to make: I am very bad about taking care of my neck and decolletage area. Yes, I use body lotions or sometimes oils, but I almost never apply any targeted solutions. I think the only reason my skin is still in decent shape at 31 is because I never leave the house without sunscreen [here’s one of my favorites, also by Exuviance]. However, I’ve been noticing more and more that my neck is becoming flabby, for the lack of a better word. My Mom said that it’s probably genetic because she experienced the same thing when she was still fairly young, although back in the day tanning was very popular and part of that might have been caused by sun damage. Regardless, I decided to take the fate of my neck into my own hands and armed myself with Exuviance AGE REVERSE Toning Neck Cream for a month to see if it would help.

Exuviance AGE REVERSE Toning Neck Cream

Exuviance developed this “potent firming neck cream to help restore firmness, tone and definition to the fragile neck and décolletage while helping to correct signs of UV overexposure and aging.” Proprietary CitraFill® and NeoGlucosamine®, Lipo-Amino Acid and Apple Stem Cells create a “strong, supportive network to lift away years.” While the claims sound promising, I didn’t expect a miracle. After all the current skincare technology can’s replace the effects of a proper diet, regular exercise, daily sun protection, and 8 hours of sleep. What it can do is slow down the clock and partially undo some of the damage, so my focus has always been on prevention rather than attempting to correct the mistakes already made.

Exuviance AGE REVERSE Toning Neck Cream

What I am observing today in the mirror are the earliest stages of skin sagging, and I became curious if Exuviance AGE REVERSE Toning Neck Cream could somehow give it a more lifted appearance. Spoiler alert: it can, but it will require some commitment. After using it twice a day for a month, I noted that my neck is firmer and doesn’t flab when I lean forward. It wasn’t terribly noticeable because the affected area is fairly small and I’m sure I was the only one who even knew it was there, but after a month of diligent cream applications that skin looks absolutely fabulous. As amazing as all of it sounds, my positive experience didn’t end there. I have a lot of skin discolorations due to sun exposure during high school, and a few of those spots have been bothering me for years. Exuviance AGE REVERSE Toning Neck Cream lightened some of them considerably, and I could really see the pigment diminishing over time.

Exuviance AGE REVERSE Toning Neck Cream


  • Silky texture of this cream makes it a pleasure to apply.
  • Velvety skin – This cream instantly makes my skin feel like velvet.
  • Good value – The jar is HUGE!
  • Cruelty-free – I wish all cosmetic companies would stop testing on animals, it’s so unnecessary.


  • Jar packaging is frowned upon by many skincare experts, because constant finger dipping can potentially invite harmful bacteria. It also makes all of those good-for-you plant extracts and vitamins oxidize faster, reducing the effectiveness of the product.
  • Pilling can occur if you over-apply.

Bottom line: I am pleased with the results after using this neck cream for a month, and there’s plenty left in the jar to last me through the end of Spring. Paired with a good diet, healthy sleep, daily sunscreen, and occasional massage, I think I can stave off the sagging of this delicate area for many years.

You can buy Exuviance AGE REVERSE Toning Neck Cream at neostrata.com, Ulta, and Dermstore.

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Have you tried Exuviance skincare before? Do you take care of your neck? What other areas of your body do you wish you took better care of? Let me know in the comments below!