Best Winter Products for Sensitive Skin

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I swear, my skin is a chameleon! It turns very sensitive during the winter months, so my usual products just don’t cut it anymore. Whenever it throws another tantrum in the form of redness, dry flakes, and tingly cheeks, I arm myself with secret beauty weapons. Today I wanted to share the best winter products for sensitive skin that never fail to give me back that healthy glow!

Best Winter Products for Sensitive Skin

But first of all, you need to understand that my skin in general is not sensitive. I would describe it as combination/dehydrated, and my entire beauty regimen is built to address those concerns [plus hyperpigmentation]. Which is why in my search for the products designed for sensitive skin I also had to make sure they are all lightweight and won’t clog the pores, making the situation even worse. Happy to announce that I found several that fit the bill!

Best Winter Products for Sensitive Skin, Bioderma Hydrabio Rich Cream

1 // Bioderma Hydrabio Rich Cream [$39.99 for 1.35 oz, available here] is formulated to address both of my concerns: sensitivity and dehydration. I tried a sample of this at a French pharmacy in Paris a while ago and liked it a lot, but didn’t buy it because I didn’t feel like I needed another moisturizer at the time. It’s rich but not oily, and has a lovely powdery, slightly floral scent that isn’t too strong. Immediately after the application my skin feels smooth and plump, and if my sensitivity is accompanied by tiny red bumps, their appearance is diminished as well. It also worked well as a makeup primer.

Best Winter Products for Sensitive Skin, Bioderma Sensibio Eye Contour Gel

2 // Bioderma Sensibio Eye Contour Gel [$34.99 for 0.5 oz, available here] was developed for sensitive and intolerant skin, which is just what I need. Basically, whenever I remove makeup, the outer corners of my eyes get red and itchy. That irritation can last anywhere from hours to days, and it gets even worse in the winter. I recently found a great eye serum to address that concern, and with this gel on top the whole area feels plump, moisturized, and soothed within minutes. This gel is unscented and has a very light texture which is more essence-like than milky. The company claims that it can also reduce puffiness, dark circles, and even wrinkles, but I honestly don’t think it does any of that. However, it’s still a fabulous moisturizer for irritated skin around the eyes, and I reach for it very often these days.

Best Winter Products for Sensitive Skin. Avene Antirougeurs Calm Soothing Repair Mask

3 // Avene Antirougeurs Calm Soothing Repair Mask [$41.99 for 1.69 fl. oz, available here] was recommended to my mom by her esthetician for rosacea flareups, and she loves it. I borrowed it from her a couple times in the past when my skin needed immediate soothing after an accidental sunburn, and it worked like magic. These days I reach for it whenever I over-exfoliate, or really anytime my face feels tight and tingly. It soothes the worst of the flareups in seconds. This mask is considered by many to be one of the best products Avene has ever made.

I also wanted to point out that all three of these fabulous products are packaged in hygienic containers [pump and squeezable tubes], which is even more important when you’re trying to deal with sensitive skin. This type of packaging ensures that the products don’t become a breeding ground for bacteria from constant finger dipping, and the oxidative effect from air exposure is minimized.

Best Winter Products for Sensitive Skin

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