Empties: May 2014

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It’s time to share my monthly pile of empties! I think I did pretty well, even though some of these I’m tossing because they lived way beyond the expiration date. Without further ado, here’s what hit the bin this morning.

Skin&Co Truffle Body Gel – This body wash has amazing fragrance, so I was savoring this sample and only using it once or twice a week as a fun pick-me-up. Now that this little bottle is empty, I think it’s time to finally invest in a full-sized bottle.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Eyebrow Gel – I think I got it as a GWP a few months ago, and finally used it up. I rarely use up mascaras and brow gels, they usually just dry out or get gross first. I guess this sample was the perfect size! The product worked well, but my brows require wax to properly set them, so I won’t be purchasing the full size.

Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm – This balm has just one ingredient: 100% medical grade lanolin, which is another word for wool wax. That’s right, lanolin is actually sheep’s greasy sweat! It works well to moisturize, protect, and heal chapped skin, that’s why you can find lanolin hand cream in many gardeners’ stashes. I used this sample on my lips, and while I liked the effect, that bitter aftertaste killed the experience for me.

Racinne Ultimate Youth power Serum – I received this sample a few months ago in a Birchbox, and used it on and off until I ran out. It’s a good lightweight serum, and it worked well with my eye creams and makeup.

L’Occitane Immortelle Hand Cream SPF20 – I’m actually tossing this sample, because I decided that I won’t be using it. The formula seems very drying, and after several months in my possession, the fragrance “mutated” and turned into something else.

fresh SUGAR Tinted Lip Treatment SPF15 – I totally get why these lip balms are all the rage, I actually really like them, especially tinted ones. The sample I just used up was in Rose color, and I have another one sitting around in Honey. They feel great on the lips and even taste good, I just wish they weren’t so expensive.

Caudalie Hand Cream – I bought a sampler that included this hand cream with my Birchbox points, and pretty much fell in love with the whole line. It makes my hands feel soft and moisturized, and I don’t need to constantly reapply.

Hydroxatone BB Cream – This was the first BB cream that I tried, and it was even my HG product at some point. I have a new favorite now, but I want to note that Hydroxatone is one of the few Western companies that actually makes a proper BB cream and not just a tinted moisturizer, like most mainstream brands. This BB provides true full coverage and very impressive lasting power.

Trees Ritual Body Lotion – A nice lightweight body lotion, nothing to write home about. I probably won’t be purchasing it again, but it was nice to try something new.

Elite Therapeutics Elite Platinum Creme – I only used this cream when my skin broke out, because it’s one of the few products that didn’t make the situation worse. It’s a great gentle moisturizer that really nourishes and repairs the skin, making it look healthy and glowing. It is so gentle, it was even recommended for chemo patients.

Beyond Clear Erase Advanced Spot Corrector – I got this foam in a giveaway or something, and couldn’t wait to try it. It seemed to work well, but at some point the bottle ran out of gas, so I still have a bunch of product trapped inside with no way to get it out. Oh well, no biggie, I have a couple Vitamin C serums sitting around that do a good job, too.

Did you finish any products this month? Samples count, too!

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