Memebox Superbox #10 Snail Review, Pictures

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What are Memebox Superboxes? They are premium versions of the regular boxes, and contain only full-sized beauty products. Most Superboxes are themed, and this one was named “Snail“, because all of the products in it share the same ingredient – snail slime extract. That’s right, it’s not a wording for some manufactured compound, they literally mean slime from snails, which is all the rage in Korea right now. Being a beauty addict I am, I just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to try some of these crazy concoctions to see what the fuss is all about. By the way, as I write this, Snail Superbox #2 is still available in Memeshop.

P.S.: I lost all pictures I took of this box, except for this one 🙁 Well, at least it shows the products…

Memebox Global is not a typical subscription service. They periodically curate boxes filled with assorted beauty products popular among Koreans, and those Limited Edition bundles are sold on first come first serve basis. Prices vary depending on the type of the box. Memebox ships internationally, so make sure to check on their website and see if they ship in your country – chances are they do. All themed boxes tend to sell out fast, so by the time you read this review this particular box might not be available for sale anymore.
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Pure Smile Non-Silicon Snail Treatment – I decided to start with the biggest product in the box, because it was the first thing I grabbed. As you can see, it’s a huge pink tube with cute ruffles and a sticker with a picture of a rose on it. Not a single word in English, so I had to rely on the insert card for help. According to Memebox, this is a ‘cone-free hair treatment, something between a masque and a conditioner. It’s rare for me to see hair products without silicones in them, so I was thrilled about this one. Ladies, it’s amazing, and I don’t know what I’m going to do when I’m out! First of all, it smells absolutely divine, but the real miracle is the way it made my hair look and feel. It totally eliminated the frizz, I didn’t even need to use any hair oils or serums! I didn’t style my hair at all, and it didn’t puff up like it normally does. I really loved this one, and even found a place to purchase more from.

Elensilia EGF Renovage Youth Activating Eye Cream – This eye cream came in a tube that looks like it could be a glue or a toothpaste. As far as the pricing goes, I am utterly confused, because Memebox listed the price as $89 on the product card, but I found this exact eye cream on Gmarket for $18.50. Memebox also sells it for $26 on their site, but the lettering is slightly different, so the price on the product card was probably a typo [at least I hope it was]. Either way, it’s a fairly pleasant eye cream that is easy to spread. The scent is fairly neutral and reminds me of lanolin + retinol products, which makes sense if we’re talking about softening anti-aging cream. I obviously don’t know how well it works yet, but so far it feels good on the lids, even under makeup, so I’ll try to work it into my routine for now and hope for positive changes.

DKDN Snail Recover Intensive Serum – It looks like water and feels like water, but once I spread it over my face, it sets and becomes a lot thicker, which makes it look more like a serum rather than a toner. It definitely feels moisturizing, and provides more hydration than my combination skin needs during the summer months. I will either pass it along to someone or store and use it when the weather gets cold.

The Skin House Wrinkle Snail System Cream – This cream has the weirdest texture I’ve ever seen in any beauty product period. It’s stringy, and the strings stretch for miles! Oddly enough, it feels really great on the skin, making it very elastic and smooth. Despite its initial stickiness, the cream absorbs pretty well, and feels fairly comfortable.

Dewytree Snail Vitalising Mask Sheet – Getting at least one sheet mask was pretty much a given, and I’m not complaining. I love sheet masks, and use them religiously to keep my skin looking smooth and supple. I haven’t used this one yet, but I look forward to it. By the way, I love masks so much, I bought Memebox Mask Edition #3, too!

Despite the odd product pricing on the card, the items in the box were still a good deal, although I learned not to trust the numbers Memebox gives us, because I have absolutely no idea how they come up with those. Two products I really liked were the hair treatment and the moisturizer. It’s highly unlikely that I will purchase more of that cream though, but I will definitely get another tube of hair treatment, because it’s amazing. Of course, I’m looking forward to trying the sheet mask, and hopefully see some positive changes after using the eye cream. Overall, the box left a good impression, and I don’t regret buying it.

Did you buy any Memebox Superboxes? What do you think about the snail slime beauty trend?

Product Retail value
Pure Smile Non-Silicon Snail Treatment $8.00
Elensilia EGF Renovage Youth Activating Eye Cream $18.48
DKDN Snail Recover Intensive Serum $10.22
The Skin House Wrinkle Snail System Cream  $10.22
Dewytree Snail Vitalising Mask Sheet $2.98
Box Retail Value $49.90

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  • Those products definitely sound interesting. The stringy wrinkle cream might have scared me, but I am impressed that it felt great on the skin. I am very intrigued, and girl you are the Subscription box QUEEN!!!! Love all your reviews!

  • This box is so interesting! Lots of new things to try!

  • this entire box has me so interested!

  • Elvira PinkSith

    OK. I think I NEED this. I totally said I wan’t going to do subscription boxes any more, but dang it, the Pure Smile Non-Silicon Snail Treatment sounds too good to pass up!

  • The hair treatment sounds interesting!

  • These products sound so cool – I would totally buy a box.

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  • Mai

    Your subscription box reviews always make me wanna sign up but I think I’ll pass on the snail!

  • OMG Snail slime??? Not sure about that one

  • OMG, an entire snail slime box! It’s just too funny. There is snail extract in a couple of the BB or CC creams that I use so I totally buy into it but a whole box is funny.

  • Interesting box!

  • Renu X

    I had my misgivings about snail slime until I got the Memebox From Nature. Two uses of the Snail Gommage Peeling gel and I’m hooked! Whatever the slime is, it makes my skin feel so good! I love the packaging of the hair treatment tube.

  • When I was in Singapore I used a similar snail product, loved it but can’t remember which brand it was. Love all the contents of this box, so into the skincare.

  • This sounds interesting!

  • I really want to try the meme box – but need to find it in my budget. I am also so intrigued by the products because they are foreign to us

  • Hmm snails. lol I don’t know if I could.

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  • I had already ordered this box, but it hasn’t come yet! I can’t wait to try the hair stuff. Snail slime sounds gross, but apparently, it’s amazing stuff!

  • Between the name and the slimy nature, I’d freak out using snail-themed products! LOL!

  • The stuff in the box is so colorful and pretty

  • Melody Robinson Wright

    This box looks fun!

  • Looks like a great box!

  • kvieweg07

    These Memeboxes are getting so popular! Snail slime sounds like and interesting ingredient…that hair mask sounds great, and I haven’t tried a sheet mask yet, but I am hoping to soon!

    • Sheet masks are the best way to deeply moisturize the skin, once you try it you’ll be hooked 🙂 And don’t say I didn’t warn you!

  • I got my box today, and it has totally different stuff! I did get a sheet masque, which I used today. So cooling and refreshing! I think I’m going to order that hair stuff, though. I really wanted to try it, and it didn’t come in my box. 🙁

    • Did you order Snail Box #1 or Snail Box #2? If they have different numbers, they will have different contents. You can only be sure that you’ll receive the same products if the box you’re buying is being restocked (they usually send newsletters about restocked boxes).

    • On that note, I hope you like what you got! I’m really enjoying these goodies, and I’ll probably go for Snail box #3 if they offer it 🙂